Thursday, August 4, 2011

ABC - 123

Everyone is doing it. So I'm joining in!
Here is the ABC's of me.

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Age: 31 - Still have a birthday this year though.
Bed size: Queen. We upgraded about 2.5 months ago and just love it!
Chore you hate: Cleaning the toilet and shower.
Dog: Not of our own. But mum and dad have 3! And we have had others in the past!
Essential Part of your Day: A kiss and cuddle with my husband.
Favourite condiment: Not a condiment fan, S&P, Tomato sauce etc... I will take it or leave it.
Gold or Silver: White gold
Height: 160 cm's (I think?)
Instruments you play: Wish I had learnt to play an instrument when I was younger. Unfortunately I can't play a thing.
Job Title: Sale/Account Executive
Kids: Less than a month to go till we meet our daughter!
Lives: Sydney - Originally from Melbourne
Mum's Name: Christine
Nickname: Sam, Sammie, Brownie (that's from my dad)
Overnight Hospital Stays: Grommets in ears when little, wisdom teeth when big, about to have a baby.
Pet Peeve: Liers
Quote from a movie: "You had me at hello" Jerry McGuire - Reminds me of a guy I work with who I adore!
Right or Left Handed: Leftie
Siblings: A little sister (28) and 2 little brothers (23 & 20) all bigger and taller than me!
Time you wake up: Depends on my day, my appointments and schedule. I do love a sleep in!
Underwear: Bonds girl!
Vegetables you dislike: I will try anything and give anything a go. Not a huge fan of squash or brussle sprouts.
What makes you run late: My husband! He is a shocker! Always fluffing about doing something or getting ready too late.
X-rays you've had done: Dental only (I think) Never broken a bone in my body)
Yummiest food you make: At the moment I think it's cheesecakes.
Zoo Animals: I know they are looked after well. But it's not a patch on their natural environment and where they belong.

Join in if you wish!


  1. I did it over at if you'd like to read also :) I'm following you via my google reader! Love your site!

  2. what a cute idea. i might do this too, if i find the time ;)

  3. Less than a month to go, so exciting!

  4. Haha that is gold your husband makes you run late! It is totally the other way around in our house!
    That's quite an age gap between you and your bros!
    I love cheesecake so much, if I started making those it would truly be the end of me!


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