Saturday, August 6, 2011

36 and over it

36 Weeks! I can't believe we have come this far! So quickly!
But I'm really over it.
I feel good in the mornings. Crappy by the night time.
I think we have had a pretty big growth spurt this week too.

We are having an abundance of movement day and night.
That actually gets quite uncomfortable and a little annoying after a while...
It is starting to get a little uncomfortable to sleep. 
But not too bad and I still wake up and have moved onto my back.
Not a single stretch mark! The Doctor remarked on Thursday! You lucky girl!!!
Thank you to Bio Oil, Palmers stretch mark cream and good genes I will put that down to.

Looking forward to heading out for lunch with the girls to celebrate a friends birthday today. 

Enjoy your weekends everyone!!! The sun is still shining in Sydney! I hope it stays this way...


  1. What a beautiful bump! Keep your fingers crossed about your stretch marks. I got two little lines on either side of my belly button (not even .5 cm long) in my 40th week:) We are going to have to open a betting pool on your date - I'm going with Sept 2nd:)

  2. Yay for the bump :)

    Not say yay for it starting to get uncomfortable to sleep. I've been in that boat from the beginning so not looking forward to the later stages!

  3. That last month or so is challenging, but all that discomfort and tiredness will be worth it the second your babe is in your arms.

  4. you look great! You have a lovely compact bump. I think pregnancy agrees with you :)
    I got a couple of little stretch marks on my hips in the last 2 weeks, but hopefully you will manage to avoid any at all. I thank bio oil too!

    I can't believe that you are so close to having your baby.. it just feels like yesterday that you started trying!

    The lack of sleep is a pain-- I remember everyone advising "get lots of sleep while you still can!!" Only I couldn't! Arghh!

    I hate to say it just gets more and more uncomfortable as you get to the end.. I hope that you don't go much overdue (that is when the real torture begins)

    Lila is so right, just keep your eye on the prize!

    Its all very exciting!

  5. You look fantastic! I got stretch marks pretty late too but they all seemed to have faded away now. Lots of ladies just don't get them so you're probably one of them!

    The last few weeks are so special. Treasure the time you have to yourself. The last few weeks being a non-parent. The last weeks of having your little girl grow and develop inside you.

    And yes, get some sleep when you can! I also advise on reading some non-pregnancy/labour books as you will find it hard to fit in the time to read during the first few months.

    Not long now before you meet your beautiful daughter!


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