Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leggings as pants...

Yes. You got it. I have a wardrobe that is getting thinner and thinner by the day...
Today we had a lunch booked in at some very good friends house around the corner.
Although I do love my Jeans West maternity jeans - it's nice to wear something different.
I didn't feel in the mood for a dress... So I decided to try the leggings thing.

Leggings as pants - 29.2 weeks pregnant

Yeah, so you can't really tell from the photo - I really need to start getting dear husband to take the shots. And look at all the crap in the background! (embarrassing)
BUT they are a good pair - Yes only from Sportsgirl. But not at all faded and fit well.
A longish top ($5 from Target - need to show a better photo of that one day) that covered my butt and a long cardi from Country road that was even longer than the top.
It went ok. The other girls said I looked good. So the leggings as pants is here for the remainder of my pregnancy - but maybe just to be kept at home and out to friends only.

We have had a fairly productive weekend.
Friday I put our pram together! LOOK!

And today we put together the bassinet and change table.
No photos of those yet. We will wait till the cot is done and the room a little more tidied and then crack out some photos to show you all!!!

One thing that dear husband wanted and was never going to say no to, was one of those old rockers that we all seemed to have as little tackers.
Here is me in mine!

Hope you all have had a wonderfully lovely weekend. I sure have.
Painter will be here at 7am tomorrow morning!
Will have to take a few quick before photos before the red disappears!


  1. Good luck with the painters, hope it doesn't take too long!

  2. As long as something covers your butt whilst wearing leggings it's a goer. It's those skanky teenagers who walk around as though they are pants (only short tops on) that make me want to drag them to the nearest clothes shop!
    You look cute (as always).

    Yay for painting!!! We're getting touch-ups done at our place whilst we're on the babymoon and the nursery will be excited. You just gave me a good idea about taking before and after photos.

  3. I agree with Jess- as long as your t-shirt covers your bum and crotch there is no problem with wearing legging as pants!
    Your bump is coming along nicely!!

  4. Oh the leggings as pants. I have never worn these ever! Until recently....I am just too big to keep wearing the same jeans etc, so I started wearing them about 4 weeks ago. They are super comfortable!

    I have the same pram, but I bought the red, i adore it, i can't wait to take it out for a spin with the little bumblebee!!! :)

    Get as much as you can get done now, before it gets to the uncomfortable stage. I can't wait to see the finished room!!!

  5. i love leggings as pants .. i do live in my leggings whether they are jeans leggings or cotton.

    stop by sometime<3

  6. we have the same pram but mines the green one! we also got gifted one of those old-school bouncers thats are so cute! they released them again last year- I got the purple one! I love love leggings in place of stockings so much more comfortable (so means always wear a dress/tunic over them!)


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