Saturday, June 18, 2011

How "Buggy" can you go?

How "Buggy" can you go?

Stunning mobile for the nursery from Flensted (Thanks Desert Darling for the link)

A Samsonite - Sammies Ladybird Trolley case - from Peters of Kensington?

A funny looking, but cute outfit from Little Styles?

A bouncer from LINK (Thanks Nat!)

A cute umbrella through POK again

But my all time favorite "Buggy" thing is:

And I'm bookmarking that one for Christmas or her first birthday! 
Of which I have already posted about HERE

The things you can find are endless... just search "Ladybug baby" on Google! 
I'm just not sure how "Buggy" we are going to go?


  1. So many adorable things!!
    My niece got given that ladybug ride-on for her 1st birthday, and she adores it! She's 18 months old and can't get enough!

    Not toooooo much longer to wait for your little girl!

  2. OMG everything you posted is so cute. You NEED to get it all...

  3. Love the mobile, it's gorgeous. I also love the ride on haven't decided which one I want yet but think it might be a Christmas present for our little one.

  4. haha everything is so adorable! I hear ya- it's hard to know when to draw the line on a theme!!
    The buggy trolley will make a great christmas present!

  5. my goodness the lady bug bouncer is the cutest thing ive seen. You have to buy that!!!

  6. hurrah! we're getting one of those ride-on scooters for Tallulahs birthday! i am thinking the tiger one because she was born year of the tiger! I love love that mobile you should def get it!

  7. These are all gorgeous items. You could never get too buggy with gorgeous pieces such as these! :)

  8. The mobile is awesome (then again I am bias because Hubby's Danish). I was going to buy one and still might but I'm in the process of making my own pom-pom one.

    I love the ride on lady bug you definitely have to get that!

  9. Wow I love the buggy bouncer! And it's only $85! What a bargain!

  10. They are all so cute. The bouncer is my absolute fave though! You really could go all out with the bug theme couldn't you!

  11. Thanks everyone!
    I think to get it all is a little too Buggy, but all so so cute!
    The mobile I am quite sure is going to be a MUST!
    The wheely bug a gift at some point.
    The umbrella and bag again a gift when older (if we still go for the buggy theme... Not sure about the bouncer, it is so super duper cute, but we already have one and also the lend of another... I don't think we need 3! But if we didn't I would have got it for sure!!!

  12. My cousin has the buggy ride-on for her little girl, its so cute!


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