Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wheely Bug

I seriously want to get one of these for Buggy!
Ever so cute!
I think they are pretty readily available so wont be too hard... Or maybe we could ask for one as a gift?
Or do we wait and get her one for her first birthday?

Have I mentioned before how easy it is to buy for little girls!


  1. OMG. So cute!!

    I'd get it before her 1st birthday, my niece was using her walker from when she was 7 or 8 months old. She might not need it after she turns 1 :)

  2. So fitting since you are calling her bug.

    PS: I have a great idea for your bedsides, can you soot me an email so I can send it too you (I can't find your email) blackvelvetchair@yahoo.com XX thanks Samie

  3. I have seen these in a local store and I want to buy one, even though I am neither pregnant nor currently trying! They are SO sweet!! xx

  4. I sure these at a website called Designerark, they do all the normal mouse, cow, ladybird and bees and do some customised ones aswell.


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