Thursday, May 19, 2011


Remember my blog used to be "renovations" and not "motherhood"...
Well there has been a little of the 'renovations' bit happening (well being prepared for) lately.

We have no window furnishings to speak of in this house.
I love plantation shutters. I just love them.
We have 4 x windows that I want to get them put on.
they all pretty much look like this one:

This window is in our front room, so has the frosted glass at the bottom for a bit more privacy.
Ok, so Half Price Shutters came over today for a quote... $3140 for the 4 x windows! Now I knew they were going to be expensive... But JEEPERS! 
We have another company coming tomorrow to quote also, Shutters Australia.
Can anyone give me any other recommendations for plantations? I really do want them, but just want good quality and at a great price.

This then brings me to the next issue...
Our bedroom. We don't know what window furnishing would suit and look best and we need a lovely new light fitting. But what?

Maybe a chandelier? But nothing over the top?
Buggy's room has 4 x down lights with a dimmer switch so we are going to leave her room for now and just pop the shutter in.

We also have pretty horrid lights in the living areas... Will post about that another day.

We have also had a painter come in and quote to get some walls re-painted... Especially the horrid red in the dining area! And all those that commented on the lovely bedroom colour? Well we are going to keep it pretty similar! We have decided we really like it too! 

Next is the cabinet maker to come and put our laundry behind cupboards and also make us some storage/linen press out the back too...
Then it's also a security screen door and window for the front of the the house.
Phew... More money... But well worth it in the end.

All suggestions, recommendations and ideas are most welcome please!


  1. Ohhhh reno's and having a baby, all i can say is good luck :)

  2. love the door/window in your room - perhaps have a roman blind made up?

  3. Leah only mini stuff!
    We sold a major reno project not long after we discovered I was pregnant!
    We were never going to deal with that!
    A roman could be a good idea!

  4. ooh I love those plantations shutters too.. though I never knew they were called that.

    I don't have any recs sorry- but just wanted to say the inside of your house looks so awesome. What a beautiful family 'nest' !

  5. I have a chandelier in my bedroom and to this day I think it's too much. I love those huge 'daisy' lights that Ikea make. That would rock in your gorgeous bedroom? Something large and oval anyway!

    I found plantations were too expensive so I just got them on the windows surrounding our front door (max impact) and have wide white venetians everywhere else. Works for me as I save my pennies!! x

  6. I desperately wanted shutters but the price proved prohibitive. We're in a Fibro, so we ended up going with wide white venetians. Similar effect, 1/4 of the price and, given that we have no architectural features to speak of, it didn't make sense to spend a motza on the shutters. Good luck with it!

  7. Thanks Guys for the recc's.
    We had another company come out today at $2200 for the 4 windows!
    We think we are going to go with this.
    I have had venetians before and although they are great I really really really want the plantations.
    We have saved a bit on other areas (Paint) and hopefully the securtity door and window we can get a little cheaper so I think its a go!


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