Friday, May 20, 2011

Herbs & House Warmings

We have had a few sets of visitors in the past week.
Samantha and Adam (And little Alexandra) bought us some herbs!
Parsley and basil. We have already used the parsley in our dinner earlier in the week!

Buying herbs from the supermarket is highway robbery I say! So damn expensive!
So I have decided to also get some thyme and rosemary and get a pot type thing and keep them on the kitchen bench! 
Then when we sort out and re-do the backyard, I will plant them out the back and watch my herbs grow!

Any other 'main' herby suggestions?

We have also received a lovely plant/flower that can be kept indoors or I think it can go outdoor too?
I can't remember what it is called? I'm hopeless with that kind of thing.
I have always been a NO WAY kind of person when it comes to indoor living things... But I really do like this one!

Again I will need a nice pot for it and now just need to find somewhere to put it.
(And um, on the floor where it currently is, is just not going to work.

I have also been on a bit of an Ebay hunt... 
It is a dangerous activity when there is so much great stuff out there!
Look what I got for Buggy!

Beyond cute! And will be the perfect size for winter 2012... 
She already has expensive taste just like her mummy and daddy!


  1. Definitely need some oregano and European parsley and mint (keep it in a separate container, it goes mental) in there as my main herbies. And I also plant coriander and dill when the season is right. x

  2. Gosh I definitely agree! We buy from the market and grow them until either we do something or the weather does something and they die. Then we start again. Whenever I have to buy from the supermarket I almost faint at the cost! We also bought the CUTEST sock/boots from the market today - you're post has reminded me that I should take some pics. They are definitely not Baby Dior though :)

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Wow, what a find! Very impressed.
    We did quite well in Spring with herbs in the garden, but they're all long gone now. I really should get and plant some more. Indoor plants never last long with us, though! We definitely don't have green thumbs. :)

  4. Maxabella! Of course I need E Parsley and Mint!
    Don't really use Oregano, so will probs give that one a miss.
    BB I knew you would love the boots!
    Kellie, lets see how long the plant lasts... I'm not all that good at keeping them alive either!


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