Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chairs, Shutters and More!

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I know I know... I've now got you thinking of that song!

Why am I excited? CHAIRS!
Yes! We finally bought our chairs!

We ended up getting them from Dare Gallery

They came in White, Black or Brown. We went with Brown.
They are going to be delivered on Friday. We decided on 8. Thanks to everyone for your help with making that choice.
A bonus! When we went into Dare yesterday afternoon, the guy tells us they currently have a 10% off sale! 
Chairs were $99 each, then a 10% discount! But an $80 delivery charge... All up just under $800 for the 8 chairs. No complaints here! 
We can now stop eating dinner on the lounge.

That then brings me to the shutters. After the horrible man from Half Price Shutters on Thursday, we had the lovely Paul from Shutters Australia come on Friday morning (20 mins early! - no complaints - except I was in the shower!)
Quote for our 4 windows came in at just under $2200 so they are being ordered Monday morning.
It sure pays to get quotes and do your research. That second quote saved us about $1000.

We have found our quote for the security door and window cover so Mister E will be onto them Monday to firm up the quote and hopefully we can put that order though too! 
Our quote is from Kings Security.

Painter still waiting on his quote and cabinet maker hopefully coming to sort something for our laundry this coming week.
On cabinets and laundry's - I took some photos of our friends last night, so I will post about that soon to show you the idea that we are thinking.

Also, I'm excited because my little sister has started a blog! She is doing it to document her renovations of her 1950's home in Melbourne. This is a great way for me to keep up with what's happening down there with her, rather than pestering for new photos all the time!
Feel free to check it out! Living through our renovations.


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  2. Got to love unexpected discounts and good quotes!

  3. Love the chairs, and the shutters. Also love living vicariously through the renovations of others.

  4. I love shutters! We've got some in our bedroom and I'd love to carry that over into the nursery but too $$$ unfortunately.

    Those chairs are fantastic!

  5. did you go synthetic , aluminium or wood? i got quotes from both half price shutters and shutters australia and they were both giving if the salesman blag! half price shutters was alot cheaper and he claimed synthetic was better as we have quite bad condensation in a couple of the rooms, however the guy from shutters australia said he refuses to sell synthetic as it "sags" and he recomended wood or ideally aluminium as the best (obviously because that was more expensive!) . i am concerned about high price of aluminium and now worried synthetic will sag but then not sure if wood will damage with damp/compensation! would love your thoughts thanks

  6. p.s the salesman at shutters australia reckoned wood would be fine with condensation - not sure!

  7. Anonymous - I'm actually not sure what we have? I will find the invoice and let you know.
    Half Price Shutters were really expensive for us with their quote and the guy was rude and arrogant.
    The Shutters Aust guy was really helpful, nice and too his time.
    Will try to find ASAP and let you know.


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