Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Showers...

I think I have mentioned before that I am having a baby shower 'Australian Tour!'
Well the Melbourne one is actually not all that far away!
16th of July to be exact.
We have worked out the guest list. And the next thing is invites...
Mum is very old fashioned and doesn't wait to just do an email... But is also useless on the computer...
Sister wanted to pay to get invites done! NO WAY! I said! A waste of money...
So I did them myself!
And the same one can be used for Sydney! But I have put my foot down and that one will only be sent as an email.

What do you think of my handy work?

And can you guess what the theme is going to be!

(Moving day tomorrow!!! Yippiee!!!)


  1. Gorgeous invites, you're very clever!

    Good luck with moving tomorrow, I hope it's not bucketing for you, like it is down here in Melbourne!


  2. So cute.

    Will be sending you positive moving vibes...after moving about 4 times in the past 12 months I hope it all goes quick!

  3. Damn Blogger! I know there were some lovely comments on my invites and now they are gone?
    Thanks anyway!!!

  4. I saw this the other night and thought of you! tee hee so cute!

  5. love the ladybug theme!!!
    Those invites are adorable!

  6. I understand why you have blacked your email and phone number but have you realised how much of your personal details you have already given out.
    Where you have lived. Where you now live. (A simple search of Domain gives it away)
    Your ultrasound pictures have your surname at the top of them.
    By talking about your birthday it is given away.
    Now please don't think I'm some kinda weird stalker. I'm not. I'm simply a teacher who has to teach about Cybersafety and sorry you would fail!


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