Saturday, May 14, 2011

24 Weeks

After a 24 hour forced Blogger break? (What happened there?)
I have a 24 week belly shot for you!
I did have a 22 week shot, but it was just in undies! So I thought better of it.
Although the 'belly' is not huge. my body is. I have grown in size all around my middle.

People say this is normally how you 'carry' when your having a girl.
Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to stretch marks?

Yesterday was a trackies and t-shirt day as it was moving day!
Some slight hick ups along the way, but we are in now!
We have emptied about 15 or so boxes. All the fun ones that were in storage! Our wedding presents! And I did the books this morning too.
Our new bed was delivered at 6am this morning so last night we slept on our old mattress on Buggy's room. We love her room it is really peaceful and has a really lovely feeling to it.
Another hick up this morning with the new bed... The base wont fit up our stairs and needs to be lifted over the balcony... (Damn terrace houses with skinny narrow stairs) so it's currently sitting in our living area waiting for the Mister to call up a few mates tonight when home from work to try and sort this out.
Buggy's furniture was also delivered this morning and that went without a hitch! 
Lovely chaps that did the delivery too!
Now I'm just waiting for the new washing machine and dryer to get here (within the next 2 hours) and then it's off to an Engagement/40th Birthday celebration tonight. 
Phew! A big sleep in tomorrow (poor Mister is working again though)

Best I get to it and start unpacking some clothes...


  1. You look great!
    Our house has the same problem so I understand your pain with narrow stair cases! Half our stuff is now stuck upstairs because it's impossible to get down :(

    I'm rubbing oil and moisturiser like there's no tomorrow but seeing as I already have stretch marks I'm guessing I'm definitely going to get them with the pregnancy...BUGGER!

  2. You look so tiny, I'm 32 weeks and started to pop out at about 28 weeks. I don't know where you get your energy from, please pass some along to me :)

  3. Love your baby bump! You look great.

    It's very exciting times in your household!!

    Hope you enjoy your night out.

  4. Looking beautiful Sammie!!

    I am sure your Mr and his mates will figure out a way to get the bed in your house- men are good like that!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow time flies by! 24 weeks already! You look fantastic...such a cute bump! I don't think your body is 'huge' at all - you look toned to me!

    There isn't too much you can do about stretch marks I'm afraid..I spent way too much $$$ and didn't avoid my genetic predisposition. Although moisturising your tummy is probably still a good idea.

    BTW your 4D scan pics are soo adorable

  6. Well the Harvey Norman guys came to deliver my washer and dryer and asked why the base to our bed was down stairs... I filled them in and they popped it over the balcony for me for $50!
    I work for HN's extended warranty company so I know most people in the store they were from... Going to go in there during the week and give them a big wrap to the people that matter!

    Sitting in my new bed typing this right now!!!

  7. You are such a wonder woman Sammie looking great! - Glad to see that the bed is now up the stairs. XX Samie

  8. Sammie, your cute bump is coming along now :)
    Have fun settling into your new place!!! You'll be happily decorating Bug's room soon :)

  9. Looking good! Glad you are in and things are coming together. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking!


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