Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awards, Mums, Christenings and more!

Hi there!
A little secret... My Saturday post was pre written during the week last week!

I have been run off my feet busy, but having a great time!

Friday we had our Maxi Awards night for work... And guess who took home the gong for "Sales Representative" of the year? ME! Woop Woop!
I received a lovely trophy, a $100 Coles Myer voucher, a new Toshiba notebook and antivirus for the computer.
Here is me and 'my boys'

Saturday morning saw me up nice and early and off to Melbourne to see the family and especially mum for mothers day.
The talk of Christenings came up and mum bought out the Christening gown that her grandmother made for her a touch over 50 years ago. My sister and I were also Christened in the same gown. And little Bug will hopefully be Christened in the same gown too!
It is tiny! So she is going to have to be Christened probably within 3-4 months of being born.
Isn't it divine!

This photo does not do it justice

Here is a photo of a photo (crappy) on my Christening day.

Mum made the most wonderful roast pork for dinner on Saturday night. It was just the family (a rarity in their house) but minus my Mister.
But the hero of the night was the dessert! Lemon Meringue Cheesecake! OMG! I didn't take a photo... So here's the one off the Taste website:

HERE is the recipe 

Sunday it was MOTHERS DAY!!! A quiet day at home before heading off to my nan's at around 4pm.
And look at the cute gift from nan for Bug!

I was actually sick Sunday night? Not sure why? I (sorry) vomited (sorry) and had terrible cramps and because Bug was moving around so much it made it worse... But if I held onto my belly, it seemed to settle her and she would stop.

I decided to take an extra day off and on Monday my sister (who also took the day off) took mum to lunch at Breezes at the Casino. 
Very very nice! And they have a special $50 three course lunch special on! I highly recommend it!


And now it's a busy week of packing and moving on Friday. So I think it will be pretty quiet around here.
Hope all the mum's and mum's to be had a wonderful mothers day.


  1. Congrats on the award!
    Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  2. Well done with the award. The gown is magnificent, you just can't buy things that special.

  3. What a great weekend beautiful - nothing like some girlie time with mum & sis! Congrats on the award too, spend the $100 on yourself and not the bug ;) XX Samie

  4. Samie, the $100 WILL be spent on me!
    And the computer will be sold (I already have a fancy MacBook I am in love with) and that money will also be spent on me!
    I'm thinking new shoes.... And a GREAT pair!

  5. What a wonderful weekend & congrats on the award!

  6. Congrats on your award Sammie.
    Hope you have a smooth move into your new home!


  7. Yay for the win :) You look gorgeous.

    That christening gown is amazing. That's something I really wish we had in my family, an item of clothing to pass down from baby to baby. If I get my sewing skills up to par I might just start that tradition!


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