Saturday, May 7, 2011

Somewhere to sit?

I posted a while back that we ended up buying the table that was in the house when we bought it.
Here it is again:

We need chairs. We need chairs very very soon.
Moving date is the 13th of May! Yay! Can't wait!
We have guests coming to stay the first two weekends in June, so I really really want/need chairs by then...
(Weekend one - Mum and Dad! Weekend two - Sister and her husband!)

These are what we are thinking of getting
These ones are from Early Settler and are $129 each.

Early Settler

I have also seen some similar at Dare Gallery in a magazine, I just need to get out to a store and have a look...
Here is what  they look like (also $129)

Dare Gallery

What do you think? Will they match? Will they look good?
Still deciding if we should get 6 or 8.


  1. Oh it is my dream to have a long wooden rustic table like this! Reminds me of a long lunch. Sadly it wouldn't fit in our current house so I have to wait.
    The chairs will look good.
    This might be too rustic for you, but I plan to collect chairs (ike the ones you have pictured) from antique stores. I see them all the time. I dont mind if they dont all perfectly match. I'd love to paint them all white. Or even colours.

    - oh and buy 8! Even if you dont have them all at the table, you could have 2 in a corner or something. Handy to have for a big dinner party though.

  2. HEy Sammie, I have seen the ones at Dare Gallery and they look good. If you order from the Artarmon store they will take about 1 week, the delivery comes in every tuesday. I vote for 8 chairs too (sounds like you have a very busy few months ahead of you) XX Samie

  3. Hi!
    midsommer from the VF (pregnant voguettes)

    ikea also has a lot of options that are quite inexpensive & attractive


    Out of your two options, I prefer the first ones! xx

  4. I like the first one. The dark and light combination of the wood goes really well with the table (well of what I can see from the photos anyways). I think if you have the space to store the extra two chairs, definitely get 8.


  5. I love those chairs. We considered them too before we got the 'tip' chairs! I like the second photo a little more for some reason.

  6. Hey thanks everyone!
    We are going to go with 8!
    Got to get to Dare to check out their chairs and I also spotted these chairs at a place on Victoria Rd in Drummoyne so will check their's out too!
    3 more sleeps till moving day!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


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