Sunday, April 10, 2011

We gots the table!!!

Remember the table in the house we just bought?
Well we made an offer to the owner and it's now ours!!!
Now to find some chairs that will look good with it...
And need to decide on 6 or 8 chairs...
I'm thinking 6 for around it all the time, and an extra 2 for if we have more people over... But not sure where we would keep them?
Maybe one on our bedroom? But not sure about the other?

Ok! So now I'm off!
This is where I am going:

Thanks to Jaclyn Little Paper Trees for the heads up on it!
Hoping to pick up some great things!


  1. Yay - nice table. You're not getting the chairs that are with it?

    Maybe you could get 6 to have around it all the time, and then just 2 chairs that fold up or even stools, for extras. Easier to store. Might be nice to keep a chair in the baby's room though - you can sit on it for feeding etc.

  2. I love that table.

    I vote get the extra chairs!

  3. Looked at some chairs today, but no decision made just yet...
    The plan is to have a sofa bed in the babies room...

  4. Wow that's a beautiful table. I would never have thought to offer to buy something with the house but I guess if you never ask you'll never know! Good work.

  5. OOH, I loved your blog!!
    Congrats for your house, amazing!!

  6. Did you buy anything at the sale Sammie?


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