Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a G I R L !

I don't have the words!

She has my nose! (Little) 
Erin thinks she has my lips!
She was wriggling around a whole lot too! - Just like me - a fidget that can't sit still.
I just hope she loves her sleep like her daddy!

THE best was when they showed us a picture of her nose and mouth and her mouth was moving all around like she was eating and swallowing... Again Erin said - just like her mummy - always eating...

No DVD :-( they don't do them at RPA. But there is a 3D/4D place just near us in Drummoyne, I'm going to contact them about how much they charge and maybe go and get that done one day?

So now instead of just 'Bug' for a nickname... it's "LADY Bug" 

That's all for now! We are going to go and have a celebratory drink... I'm allowing myself a small glass of champagne to celebrate! Maybe even pink champagne! 

(apologies for the bad shots... I can't get the home scanner to work and I couldn't wait to post! So these are pictures of the scan pictures taken with my Blackberry)


  1. Congratulations!! A beautiful baby girl- have fun shopping for all things girlie xo

  2. How exciting, a girl. It's a wave of girls so far.

  3. Go Team Pink! I bet she is going to be beautiful like her mummy!

  4. a mum of 4 girls, I can tell you that girls are absolutely wonderful!!!

  5. Yipppee! How wonderful!!
    Im so excited for you! It's like we are all having girls!
    How lovely to see your little LadyBug bopping about, happy and well.
    Enjoy your pink champers!

  6. Congrats! Little girls are soooo special! So exciting!

  7. Congratulations!

    Yay for your own little daughter, how perfect and wonderful.

    Have you gotten rid of the boys name list of the fridge yet ;)

  8. I am SO excited! This is wonderful news, congratulations!

  9. Congrats! How perfect a little LadyBug who already looks like her mama :) x

  10. Congrats Sammie! I have been following your blog for some time now after stumbling across it while I was planning my wedding last year. I am also pregnant and 1 day behind you! We find out on Friday and I'm secretly hoping for a girl too :) I look forward to continuing to read about your adventures during pregnany and motherhood :) XXXX

  11. Congratulations Sammie! I'm so happy for you!!! I don't get to find out if we're having a boy or girl this time around for another couple of weeks... Can't wait! :)

  12. Oh wow, that's great news. And I love the Ladybug nickname, so adorable.

  13. Oh fantastic!!

    Well, you know they say sometimes when it looks like a girl that just means the doodle was hiding. hehe So don't count your lady bugs. But that is cool news. Soooo much more fun shopping for girls' stuff than boys, I find. (I have both a nephew & niece)

    Hope my blog has inspired you in that AMAZING new journey!!!
    I hope either that you can buy those clothes to your baby!!!!!

    Golden dreams, glam clothes and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR GIRL!!!!

  15. Thanks everyone!
    We would have been happy either way!
    Nat, you are so right! Yes a little doodle could be hiding!
    But I'm pretty confident due to sickness, less weight gain, fast heart beat, the sonographer (sp?) pointing out the labia and the fact that he was training someone (so pretty experienced)
    But you just never know...
    We have kept the boys names, but they just hide behind the girls names now. Didn't feel like we could just turf them away...
    My sister tells me that our mum has already been out shopping up a storm... First grandchild and all...
    Shame for my husband that his parents dont seem to give a crap. Oh well... They are the ones that will miss out.

  16. Hi Sammie,

    Congrats on finding out that you're having a beautiful baby girl! I gave birth at RPA as well and could not have been anymore happy with the whole process. I got the 3D scan done at Kent St in the city and receiver photos and a video. Happy to send you the details if you want it.

    Mrs A (Agent Kitty on VF)

  17. Ha! I knew it! A girl! And already totally cute! Congratulations!

    Lovely name choices too. I dread the day we have to think about baby names as a teacher so many names are on the 'definately not' list because of one or two less than delightful students :-(

    Anyway, glad all is well!


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