Thursday, April 7, 2011

The naming debate

So far we have actually short listed 5 girls names and 6 boys names.
Hopefully on Monday afternoon we will be able to narrow it down to either just the girls names or just the boys... This finding out the sex of your baby is never a guaranteed thing...

How do you choose a name for your child?
This child is going to have their name FOREVER.
This is one damn hard decision.
Does it go with our surname? Will it still sound nice and/or professional when they are an adult?
Will they get teased at school and long into adult hood? 
Do you take into consideration the meaning of the name? (And why is it different depending in what book or on what website you look?)
There are so many questions...

So, my name is Samantha. When I was younger I actually wasn't a fan of my name. Now I love it. My folks did well.
My husbands name is Erin... Yep, spelt like a girl... And he was teased like there was no tomorrow as a child. Would you believe that one of his closest mates names is Rene? Crazy huh!

The decision so far is, find out the sex and if people ask we will tell them. There wont be any big announcement and if people don't want to know we wont tell them. But I will be telling you all here! I promise!

The next decision is that the name will be kept a secret. Only the two of us will know. We aren't even going to discuss the short list... Well... But maybe I have already told my mum and my sister... Oops! Shh, don't tell!

But, I am happy to share those names here...

Girls Names (In no particular order... Or maybe they are?)

Boys Names (In no particular order - These ones really aren't!)

We are quite traditional. And have picked quite traditional names. There were a few others we did like, but we know of other people that love the names (James, Mia, Oliver...) and would either love to call their child by that name or already have.

How did you choose your child's name?
How did you feel about it?
Why did you choose it?


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you!!
    My husband and I discussed our future baby names very early on in our relationship, and they're how we refer to our future kids...they all mean something very dear to the two of us.

    I love your names - they're just gorgeous! I especially love Violet and Thomas!

  2. Urgh. Chosing names is so tricky and not as much fun as I had thought it would be. So many things to consider and then the hard part of actually agreeing with one another!!

    We had a loose list of girls and boys names we both liked. But we were chopping and changing this list right up till the end. We kept going hot or cold on most of our choices, which was a bit of a worry!

    In the end we went with the one name that we had both loved wholeheartedly from the start to finish. This was also by far the least traditional name on our list.. I guess this was the main reason we had hesitated in using it.

    But I'm so so glad we did. I still love her name and love it more everytime I hear it. To us it sounds peaceful but strong, and is unusual without being 'too weird' (or so we hope)

    Most people have reacted positively, even if it has taken them a little bit of getting used to.
    And we just hope she comes to love it as much as we do.

    I think you have a gorgeous shortlist of names, you won't go wrong with any of those choices!

    I particularly love Ruby and Molly- I would have used either of these names in a heartbeat but have a good friend who has always intended to use Ruby and another close friend with a Polly, which I felt a bit close to Molly. Violet is wonderful too.

    Thomas and Lachlan are my favourites from your list of boys! I just adore 'Tom' and 'Lachy' as nicknames. We know some brothers William and Thomas and they are beautifully little boys. Liam is great too.

    Very excited to hear results of your scan on Monday.. so glad you plan to share the results with us! Can't wait till Monday!!

  3. It's so difficult especially since everyone has an opinion. I had a lot of difficulty choosing but went with a traditional name since my mother and mother in law hated the other names (next time they won't have the luxury of knowing!). In the end I know I love the name I chose so that should be what's important. Annoying that it's now pretty popular but the name really suits her.

    Go with your instinct as it's impossible to please everyone.

  4. I love all the names you've listed! In fact, I have a little Charlotte myself. :)

    We were very traditional with names too. With so many people trying to be original with made-up names and spellings, the traditional names are actually the unusual ones. Plus everyone will know they have sensible parents.

    We knew we were having a girl before she was born. My advice is to pick your favourites and one back up of the other sex (just in case) but don't decide until the day. You will know the right name for your baby the moment you see their little face. And that moment will be INCREDIBLE!

    All the best!

  5. We had a few rules:
    1. they had to be real names which were spelled properly;
    2. not in the top 100 most popular for either sex; and
    3. names which could pass the High Court Justice test.
    It was hard to meet all of my criteria but I love all 3 of my kids names!
    You've got some great options to choose from, exciting times!

  6. Ha - you have a few of my favourites on your list there! I like Ruby, but our surname starts with Rose ... that is very cute, but unfortunately that silly Ruby Rose has ruined that. But you don't have that problem!

    Good luck with it.

  7. I lovelovelove all your chosen names! My husband and I are very traditional too when it comes to children's names xx


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