Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spensive Saturday

Today I went to Baby Kingdom.
I have been doing quite a lot of research on different brands, prices and comparing EVERYTHING.

We had decided on the Mountain Buggy Swift for our pram a long time ago.
We know many people that have the Urban, but all now wish they had the swift.
We decided to get it in flint (Grey)

It is around the same price everywhere. $600 including the carry cot.
Having the carry cot is going to be really handy in the first few months. Especially when we go to Melbourne to visit my family. Bug will be able to sleep in it, instead of sleeping in a porta cot.
We also got a fleece liner and the storm and sun covers for it too.

We had always agreed that we wanted white furniture.
Originally we were going to get Boori. But then someone told us that King Parrot is also made by Boori, but is cheaper!

Bassinet. $199 including the mattress.

The Yarra cot. $399 including the mattress!
Very happy with this as it is normally over $500 plus the mattress.

Change Table. King Parrot Scout. On sale for $249. got the change mat thingy too. Will get some nice baskets to put on the shelves to store nappies and all the bits and bobs we will need to have on hand.

The car seat. Safe and Sound Premier. This seemed to be the same price everywhere we went and online where ever I looked.
It can be used from birth, but we are leading a friends capsule. They loved the capsule for the ease of it, being able to pull the baby in and out of the car without waking it and also not needing to worry about the pram every time they went out, because the baby could just stay in the capsule.
So we will give the capsule a go, it may not be for us. But it's free! So why not!

We also got the hygiene nappy thingy, that you put the dirty nappies in and they seal them up so there is no smells and lots of liner bags for it.

And do you remember the old bouncers that our parents all seemed to have for us?
Well my husband just loves them and although we have a bouncer (a different one) being lent to us, he wasn't hearing of it and wanted the bouncer.

We decided on Mint for the colour. Suits and boy or a girl and we just thought it was the nicest colour.

So all in all it was a very spensive Saturday morning... A $2000 morning actually. 
But now we have so much stuff! Was very happy with the extra discount we negotiated and have become VIP members or something so we will always get 10% off full priced stuff.
There is still so much more to get, but it's nice to have made a start.

We wont be picking it all up until we move into the new house!!!
And will be picked up before the first weekend in June, so that when mum and dad come up to visit, dad and Erin can put it all together and we can make up the babies room!!!


  1. Awe I was just saying to Hubby how I can't wait until we get to that stage (although I know my bank account can)!

  2. OMG babys are soooooo expen$ive....I think the best buy was that bouncer- I remember those (I had one for my dolly too) XX Samantha

  3. That was one hell of a shopping trip lady! Good work! xx

  4. Well done for getting organised so early!

    Those bouncers are great. I keep one in the bathroom for Bub to sit while I have a shower, and the rocking motion combined with the sound of the water puts her to sleep every time.
    I move it to the kitchen table when I am cooking dinner.
    Will be interested to hear how you find the pram! I got a 2nd hand Mountain Buggy pram for cheap but its an older model and its too wide. Im thinking I might buy a new one, so will be on the look out for some recs!

    Glad to see your change table has two shelves!

    It will be so exciting having all the baby gear delivered to your new house.. so much happening!

  5. Yes we got a Mountain Buggy urban and I do love it but it's HUGE. I was so p***ed off six months later when they brought out the Swift... But then again I couldn't have survived for six months without a pram. You won't regret the Mountain Buggy, and they have great warranty service too.

  6. I'm hoping that the Swift and I will be very happy... Anyone with the Urban that I know wish they had bought the Swift.
    DD I'm happy to fill you in as soon as we start using it, but keep in mind thats not for while yet.
    We 'drove them both around the store a few weeks back and were sold on the Swift from word go.
    Good to know they have great warranty service LMM.
    DD I love the tip with the bouncer! Thats great!
    Thank goodness that mum and dad want to pay for the pram for us! Thats going to knock $600 off the bill from yesterday...

  7. Wow an expensive day but worth it! Everyone I know with the Mountain Buggy Swift loves it and you will get a lot of use out of the carry cot too.

    The bouncer is old skool - nearly all my baby photos had me on it (mine was blue) :)

  8. Maybe you should slow down on the buying of things for now. You'll receive alot as presents and also you will find that you actually don't need too much at all. The bassinet you could have foregone and just used the one which came with the pram. You'll only get a few months out of it and then it will be too small.

    Just slow down, read forums with advice from other mums and really work out what you really actually need and what you just want.

  9. Thanks for your comments anonymous, they are appreciated, but we will be moving to a new house soon and its 2 story... I don't really fancy taking a pram up and down the stairs every time I need up up the stairs or down the stairs so for $199 for the bassinet I see it as money well spent.
    bassinet up stairs and then pram for out and about and down stairs.
    We have only just bought the essentials for now and nothing else much... Well 2 x onesies and also 1 x teddy and 2 x books today.
    Anything else has been gifts so far which is lovely.
    I don't see us buying much more for a while, and I have quite a lot of stuff that is going to be lent to us and I am also well aware that we are likely to receive lots as gifts.
    As my parents are in Melbourne we will also end up doubling up on a lot of stuff... My uncle is giving us a truck load of stuff, but will all stay at my parents for when we are down there.
    I don't think that anything we bought is stuff that we 'want' well maybe except for the bouncer... but for $36... I really don't mind and we can more than afford it.
    Again though, thank you for your advice and comment.

  10. Well done Sammie. You are so much more organised than I ever was when I was expecting my 1st. I think I waited until the very last minute to get a lot of it which kind of backfired on me. I went into labour at 38 weeks and MrBB had to run around on his own to go get the rest before Bubba and I got discharged from the hospital. *lol*

    By the way, all of Bubba's furniture is white too. But we're currently in the middle of getting his a completely new bedroom so we can just pass all of his baby furniture to Chubba.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. OOOh I totally love buying baby things! I have the netted bouncer in purple and LOVE IT! I use it everyday! I also have the Mountain Buggy Swift! Its so great and compact but I don't use it as much I thought...I use my carrier heaps more but Tallulah is getting bigger now so the pram may be dusted off!
    P.S Your new house is Ah-mazing, loves!


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