Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Foto FAIL

We tried taking a quick shot of my very slowly growing belly this morning...
Well um, I looked smaller than I did two weeks ago! So there's no fortnightly update photo Friday today.
Instead I thought I'd rave about my great purchases yesterday!

Did you hear that Best and Less had a 40% off Bonds sale yesterday? Well they did! I headed up there yesterday with one of the girls from work.
Love bonds undies! And picked up 5 pairs of their "Skimp It" range for between $5-6 each!

They are normally around $12-15 each, so a great bargain I thought! I got a few different colours and patterns and proceeded to throw out some old pairs last night.

One of my pleasure purchases yesterday was a little something for Bug!

Couldn't help myself! I think its super cute and it suits a boy or a girl!
Now I'm waiting till we find out the sex of Bug before I buy anything else...

Talking about Bugs sex... Many many people think Bug is a girl. I have no idea, no inkling, no gut feeling. Nothing.
Honestly I really don't care either. I will really and truly be happy with either.
Just happy, healthy, ten fingers and toes. That's all I want.

The biggest talking point lately has been me and my high heels... I'm sure there is going to be people starting to take bets on that soon. How long will I wear them for? when will they start to see me in flats? Will my feel swell? Will I end up wearing heels to the hospital when I go into labor?
Hmm... Well all I have to say is that I will wear them for as long as possible! I love my shoes! And I will just lower the heel height if I have to! But, who knows? We will just have to wait and see...


  1. Great bargain for Bonds undies - was it a 1 day sale only? Love the baby suit too!

  2. I wish I could wear high heels (pregnant or not!) so good on you :)

    Yay for new undies!!!

  3. Love Bonds stuff. Bay has that jumpsuit and it looks very cute on.


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