Thursday, March 31, 2011

I can see clearly now

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For the fast two weeks I have has a headache.
The midwife at RPA said it was nothing to worry about.
A few days later the Doctor said I had nothing to worry about. I could take Panadol and I should be fine. Wont harm the baby etc...
Still a headache. Off to have a pressure point massage. Wonderful! And funnily enough the baby was moving around heaps during it too. Now that was cool and did lift my spirits. 
Going back on Monday.
But still a headache.
Yesterday I was in the city doing some training, I nearly passed out... Twice...
Off for an eye test yesterday afternoon. My current prescription is too strong and that may be effecting the headaches. Suggested not wearing my glasses for a while and see if that helps. 
Got a brand new pair of glasses! Another pair of Pradas! I can't wait to pick them up early next week. That too cheered me up!
But sill... A headache.

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  1. Hello and congrats on your bub! Just wanted to ask if youtold the optometrist that your pregnant? It can alter your prescription, so be sure to mention it!


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