Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby baby baby...

This is apparently what our baby currently looks like at 17 weeks.
Around 13 cm's from crown to rump (I say butt)
It is so amazing to see how they grow so quickly and all the changes that occur.
I get weekly email updates from the Huggies mum to be website and also from the Baby Center site.
I find them really useful and full of information.

2 weeks today and counting till we have our next scan and get to see little Bug again!!!
And find out the sex of little Bug too!!!


  1. So tiny!

    And now I have the Justin Bieber song in my head ... thanks ;p

  2. Congrats!!! it's amazing isn't it? I used those sites too, it was great to get the updates, good luck xx
    Helen M

  3. Isn't it amazing! Have you felt any movements yet?

    Do you have a gut feeling on boy or girl..?
    Will you be taking wagers? :)
    I'm guessing a girl!

  4. Awe, I'm waiting until my 'pictures' start resembling a baby!
    I'm with Emmie, what's your gut feeling?
    PS: Thank you so much for all your tips, I love having all these wonderful girls to turn to!

  5. Firstly, I didn't even know there was some Justin Beiber song Baby... !!!
    I was thinking more along the lines of Rogue Traders!

    No gut feelings on the sex. I'm surprised. But not even a thought!
    Most people are thinking a girl... But I have no idea and toally don't care at this point.
    I will be happy with either. I just want happy, healthy, 10 fingers and toes...

    Movements... Yes! I might post about that today or tomorrow actually!


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