Friday, March 25, 2011


No, I don't have a stalker and no, I'm not stalking anyone...
I can't stop driving past our new house and seeing this!

Lucky for us the property is currently vacant and no one is living there.
Still... Imagine what the neighbour's must think! 
Oh well... Not too much longer and we will be moving in!!!

Still no news on  the table and if he has accepted our offer... Grr... Must follow that up today.


  1. Drive bys are fun and how pretty does that SOLD sign look :)

  2. hahah! I would be doing EXACTLY the same thing

  3. How exciting!! Does the fact that it's vacant mean you can have a quick settlement??

  4. 8 week settlement to make it the same day as we settle on our old house...
    13th May!

  5. looks amazing - congrats! (and thanks for the spelling heads up, I completely missed that!) x


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