Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bumpity Bump

I'm actually starting to get a bit of a bump!
It's kinda cool, but I really do just look fat.
It's still cool though.
I have had a headache for a week now so I went to the doctor this morning. She is not worried. She said bug will have developed all his/her internal organs by now, and taking Panadol will not him it in any way.
I don't like taking Panadol at the best of times, and especially at the moment. But she assures me that it is totally fine and I should take it as I need it.
In other news, I bought a new pair of pants for work today. Target maternity ones. They have a fold over waist thingy, so I can wear them now, grow into them and wear them later too!
What a bonus that Target also had 20% off pants and tops! I see them getting quite a bit of wear over the next few n=months...

More news! And some very exciting news! Have you heard that Faux Fuchsia had her baby? NO? Well see here!


  1. urghh.. headaches are the pits.. hope the panadol is helping..

    yay for target.. I bought a lot of clothes from there while pregnant.


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