Monday, March 21, 2011

How about the rain?

Wow! I can't believe how much rain we are having...
Chatting to my mum earlier today, I said if your ever stuck for a gift to buy us you can always get us a rain gauge.
Living in a semi rural area, having a kind of farm (80 acres - approx 50 km's from Melbourne) they have one, have tank water for the house etc...
I'm always interested to know how much rain we have...

It's been a busy few days.

Friday the Sale was made final on the house! Yippie!
Saturday - In the morning I needed to keep busy. So I went shopping! (Any excuse) I needed jeans. My jeans are too tight now and with the cooler weather coming up... I ended up buying the Jeans West Maternity jeans. So far so good.

After shopping I headed home and started getting ready for the auction and also to head out to lunch with the girls.
Around 1pm I headed over to have a final look at the house and then we started bidding at the auction. And well, you know the result of that!!!
Then I raced off to meet the girls for lunch at Otto

photo taken from here

It was so lovely to catch up with everyone! Pity about the weather though. I had lovely barramundi (it was in the specials apparently. It was ordered for me. Everyone else was very happy with their meals too.

After that, I met up with my husband for a celebratory drink! (I had a Soda, lime and bitters) then it was home for some home made pizzas. A lovely relax on the lounge and an early night.

Sunday was a quiet day for me. Erin (my husband) had to work so I caught up with a friend for a few hours then headed home to relax and chill for a bit. 

Today has been manic. This morning we had an appointment at RPA for the baby. Got to hear the heart beat again which is so cool! Then got told that due to having quite small nipples I may not be able to breast feed. But they will check again in about a month. 
I really do hope I can. I feel that it is important for both the mother and child. So fingers crossed it all works out.
After that I had to race back t work and it has been crazy busy there too. It's going to be a long week...

Now just waiting for that dear husband of mine to come so we can chill and relax with a bit of TV and a cuddle!


  1. sounds like a jam packed weekend.
    Don't worry about breast feeding think of it as a cross that bridge when you come to it because it might not even be a problem!

  2. Phew, what a weekend! You made the sale, that's brilliant!!

    And don't listen to all that talk about whether you can or can't feed. You won't know until the baby and you give it a go! x

  3. So glad you got to Otto - delish! And yay for heartbeats - so exciting xox

  4. Good to see you had a great time at Otto :D

  5. I heard the jeans west maternity jeans are quite comfy and don't look too bad either!

    Agree with the above comments about b/f, don't stress about it and see how it all goes when baby arrives. x

  6. what a great weekend. Awesome that the house sale is finalised. Woo Hoo!

    I got a lot of wear out of my jeanswest maternity jeans, until it got too hot.. they only had the black skinnies when I was pregnant, do they now have blue denim skinnies?? If so I might get some as that style is good for post pregnancy as that big band keeps your tummy covererd when you tshirt is lifted while breastfeeding..

    And on the subject of breastfeeding- If anyone tells you that you can't breastfeed because of small nipples you should get a second opinion.

    Even women with inverted nipples can breastfeed so surely just having small ones shouldnt mean you cant do it..? the milk is produced in the breast not in the nipple and when babies suckle they have a mouthful of aereola & boob, the nip is just where the milk squirts out..?

    So if you are keen to BF, I'd contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association before you have your baby to see what they suggest (maybe you will just have to use nipple shields initially to help the baby attach or something like that) but I would be suss on anyone telling you that you can't.


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