Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's ours!

After a very nervous morning, trying to keep as busy as I could (more on that tomorrow - because I went shopping) we finally headed to the auction of the house we really really really wanted... I was scared. I wanted this house. I had been up the night before imagining how we could furnish it, what our bedroom would look like and even the babies room too.

Anyway, without further ramblings... This is it! It's ours! We were the highest successful bidders at auction! (originally built in 1881)

The front. It was only painted about 1.5 years ago so we wont have to worry for some time. We are going to put a security door on the front and also security bars on the window. They will look nice I promise.

This will be our bedroom Already has built-ins thank god! We are going to get a new bed when we move in! A queen! Finally!

The living space. Built-in cabinet for the TV. And that is a working gas fireplace! brilliant! Horrible light fittings... These will need to be changed at some point...

The dining area. Bit too red for my liking. We are going to get the place re-painted before we move in. See that dining table? Well I love it! And the owner was there today and said we can make him an offer to buy it! It was made in Berry (kind of the Highlands - near where we got married) with recycled timber from the old timber mill in the Balmain/Rozelle peninsula!  (Where we live!) It's meant to be. I just know it.

We are very very happy. Over the moon in fact! And we paid less than we were willing to spend! Bonus!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big, Huge congratulations! The place looks amazing.

  2. Ohhhh my gosh!!! I am sooooooooo happy for you!!! I was actually thinking of you today while I was at work. There was 2 auctions I was interested in today and I asked my husband to go look at them (window shop) but he had a bucks weekend.. erghhh
    So I thought of your auction instead!
    (Elsee Blog)

  3. P.S I love the colour of the walls in the bedroom

  4. Thanks Guys, we are so so happy!
    Laura, my sister loves the wall colour too!
    It is ok, but not as nice in real life.
    Whole place will be painted white.
    It's a really nice white that our friends have just painted their house.
    Grr for bucks days...

  5. Gorgeous! Your front door is similar to our front door. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can see why you were so excited!

  6. Congratulations! It looks really lovely. What a bonus getting it for less than you would have been happy paying! Means you feel so much better about doing the little things you want to to really make it yours!

  7. Congratulations!! Looks like a great house. Is it in the same area?

    I love that dining table too ... and I actually like the red.

  8. Congratulations Sammie! The houselooks lovely. I love the look of the red walls too. Our new place has all its walls painted cream. But we are putting a few coloured feature walls in our bedroom, dining and lounges and I am really liking the red in your pics. :)

    Congrats again!

  9. Oh I'm so happy for you, this is wonderful!!
    Hope settlement is not too long for you!

  10. Congratulations, that's great news. The house is gorgeous.

  11. Thanks everyone again!
    We have a bit of red furniture so having red walls will be a bit much.
    I also think it makes the room smaller.
    Just going to go with neutral colour and we can add later if we like.

    Just realised that we are still going to be doing mini stuff that kinda counts as a renovation?

    Nat it's in the same area, probably about 1 - 1.5 kms from where we currently are!

  12. Congrats! It's a gorgeous house :)

  13. congrats on the place, it looks amazing, and such a gem

  14. OMG congrats that house is beautiful! such a big year for you & your hubs. I would paint all white too :) & maybe a longer curtain in the master bed. XX Samie

  15. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! It reminds me of our Victorian terrace, which we love, love, love so much. I'm sure yours will bring you just as much joy. Such a wonderful place to make your first "family" home xox

  16.'s amazing! Totally my dream house;)

  17. Congratulations!! It's a gorgeous house - and that dining table is stunning (I love Berry!) :D

  18. The house is PERFECT!
    I love every room.. the front door is great.
    That table is absolutely exquisite, and I agree sounds like it is meant to be yours

  19. What a gorgeous house, and a fantastic buy. I bet you can't wait to see your furniture in it.


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