Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nearly Easter time!

So its 3 weeks till easter!
It's 3 weeks till our first wedding anniversary too!

I currently have a subscription to The MasterChef Magazine.
I think I arranged it back in the day during the huge MasterChef hype. I don't think I have ever cooked a thing out of it... (But my excuse is that we done have an oven - not long now though!)

Anyway, the current issue came the the post the other day

I was flicking through while watching My Kitchen Rules...
(are you sensing a bit of a pattern here? food mags, food shows... But I don't even cook that much!)
Anyway... I spotted this!

Now isn't he/she just the cutest!
I decided that its a girl bunny and more so it's a girl 'pregnant' bunny!
I thought this would be the perfect Easter gift for me!
Low and behold! Its from Belle Fleur!
Bell Fleur is only about 1 - 1.5 km's from where I live!!!

Are you allowed an Easter wish list? If so this is what I want!
And for $21.50 I bet she tastes divine!

(Apologising for the crappy photos. The cameras gone missing and I'm still using my Blackberry to take photos)


  1. pregnant bunny that is hilarious!
    I started Easter very early this year, having been pigging out on chocolate eggs and hot cross buns for the last month!

  2. Holey, moley! A $22 Easter egg? She'd better taste amazing!! But I can see how you can't resist her. So, I say, go for it. Easters one of those 'treat' times, right!?!? x

  3. I love easter eggs! Especially the Cadbury Creme Egg!!!
    I'm secretly hoping that the husband buys me the pregnant bunny!!! I have dropped enough hints!
    I think it's actually supposed to be a 'fat' bunny... But I still like to think of it as a pregnant bunny!

  4. That's so cute, and it must be! Go forward and buy. x


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