Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yes,. I am frigging pregnant...

I'm just over 18 weeks pregnant.
But if you read my blog regularly then you know that.

I don't actually look pregnant. I would be lucky to have put on even 1 kilo yet.
But you know what? I don't need people to keep telling me "Oh my God! Look at you! You can't be pregnant! You must be lying! Where are you hiding that thing?"

At first it was funny. And I could laugh it off.
Now it's not.
I worry.
I worry that all is not OK. I worry that the movements that I 'think' I feel are not really the baby moving but more my imagination. I worry that when we go for the scan next week there wont be any heart beat.
I worry.

I'm not sure if this is 'normal' or if I am being paranoid.
I try my best to not worry. But it's hard.

I know people are only joking and being light hearted. But it is really getting to me now.

That's all.


  1. Paranoia is normal in pregnancy. I have the opposite problem, people keep saying I'm big but I'm measuring just right. Try to ignore them people can be thoughtless.

  2. I had the same issue to start with, people get saying I was very "small" which made me worry all the time until about 7 1/2 months and then everyone was saying they thought I was due any day...grrrr. I used to freak out going to see the dr worrying about the heartbeat. Just wait til you get near the end, you'll have to disconnect the phone and not go near the computer, everyone will keep asking you if you've had the baby yet1:) I just kept trying to think that pregnancy gets you ready for children in more ways than one. I found I really had a lot to learn about patience :) You'll be absolutely fine!

  3. I think we're all going to be paranoid until we've got our little bub in our arms...and I imagine the worry just keeps on going after that.

    Grr to all those people, everyone is an individual and their bodies react to pregnancy differently. I mean look at all those cases of people having babies and not even realising it!

    You're giving your little baby everything that it needs try to ignore all those voices (I know that's near impossible).

  4. You will pop soon! I have 2 colleagues that are both pregnant at the moment, 2 weeks apart and you really couldnt tell till about 6 months.

  5. How annoying. Sometimes people just don't think about how those comments will come across. Sending lots of blog love to you and Bug!

  6. Thanks for all the blog love today.
    I needed it.
    I don't think the worry will ever stop, but hopefully it gets a little better.

  7. Urgh. People are annoying.. even if they don't mean to be. I had someone telling me I looked 'small' and someone else telling me I looked 'big' in the same day.

    Easier said then done.. but try not to worry Sammie!!
    Before you know it your belly will be so big you can't get comfortable and your baby will be kicking so hard it will make you jump. YOu will be thinking back to 2nd trimester fondly!!

    Try to enjoy each stage for what it is.. I think you sound very normal for 18 weeks.

    I didn't pop out until after 22 weeks. And even then, though I felt really big, I look back at the photos from then and I didnt even look that pregnant!! I was proudly walking around with my 'baby bump' but people were probably still thinking I was just tubby!!

    Apparently with your first baby it takes longer to show, and if you have tight abdominal muscles it will take even longer.

    And everyone kept asking me if Id felt movements yet but I wasn't sure until it became really really obvious, after 25 weeks. Next time I will recognise them sooner.
    Those feelings you imagine you feel probably ARE your baby move, they can be very soft and subtle, especially as your tummy feels a bit odd anyway.. so please don't fret!


  8. People will say what they will say, it's got nothing to do with you my dear, but everything to do with them...how they looked, how they felt...what they did etc one thing i learnt during my 3 pregnancies is to not pay any attention to any unsolicited comments and if my care givers and I were happy with things then everything is OK. Worrying is normal, but please don't let it take over this most happy time in your life!!!
    Helen M xx

  9. Try not to worry too much Sammie. I didn't start showing until I was well into my 5th month of pregnancy the first time around and even then, i just looked like i was bloated for what felt like forever. You will soon start feeling the baby move around and once that happens your mind will be a lot more at ease. With me, sometimes I would just poke bubba in my tummy just so he could dish out a few kicks and punches so I knew everything was OK *lol* In the meantime, enjoy being able to wear your normal clothes!!! :)

  10. tell me about it! I was freaking out like crazy at 18 weeks, but now that I'm 24 and regularly feeling the baby I'm much more calm. Just relax and give it time. I promist it will get better. You can read about my freaking out on my blog.

  11. Sorry you were feeling down about this - just think of it as being lucky not to have ballooned like an elephant! Glad you're feeling better. (sorry, just catching up with blog world now)


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