Monday, April 18, 2011

Cluck Cluck Cluck

On Saturday I had my friend Emily's (Emme) hens.
We met in the city at a bar about about 3.30 before going up to the ACP Park Street studios for a photo shoot with a very good friend of hers.
Theme - Little Black Dress.
I was sent these few photos yesterday as a sneak peak! (Shh... These are secret photos. I really shouldn't even be posting them! So if you know Emme, one on the girls in the photos or you are one of the girls... Please keep it a secret and DON'T TELL ANYONE please)

The beautiful bride to be with her FENDI shoes!

The bride with her 2 x residing in Australia (but English) bridesmaids.

Having fun with Champagne! The whole crew!
The photographer in the shot! Bride in be LDB! Having a bit of fun!

I can not wait to see the rest! Especially the ones of the 'Balmain' crew!
We then headed to The Marble bar for a few drinks before having dinner at Cafe Sydney.
Dinner was divine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cafe Sydney and will jump at any chance to go there.
After that, instead of heading out to another bar or club, we decided to head back to Emme's for a bit of a dance off in her lounge room!
It was fun! I was dead tired and left them all to it and got home at about 1.30am! 
The lucky girl is getting married in Italy in June. We unfortunately wont be attending. With a baby on the way and moving into a new house the funds just don't stretch that far.

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  1. what a great idea the photoshoot is.
    Ps congratulations on your wedding anniversary


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