Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weddings Engagements Babies

I have an engagement coming up.
I have a wedding in June that we are invited to but not attending (Italy).
I'm having a baby...

I wanted to get something lovely for the couple for their engagement and also something wonderful for the couple getting married...

For our engagement 2 years ago we received a beautiful Kate Spade Mr & Mrs. photo frame that I just LOVE.
I have been searching EVERYWHERE for them and finally came across them online at Nordstrom at a reasonable price and the shipping although not cheap was not a killer either.

Just down on the right hand side it has Mr & Mrs engraved. You can take a better look HERE.
I think these will be the perfect gifts for the amazing couples! And small enough and compact for the getting married couple to take with them as they leave Australia on the 23rd of May to go and live in NYC!

While I was at it, I spotted the same frame, but a little different...

Down the bottom of this one it says ...And a baby makes three. Take a better look at this one HERE.
PREFECT! I bought that one for us! Its going to look great on top of the fireplace next to our Mr & Mrs frame in out new house I think!

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  1. I don't know if you've already bought the frame - but I saw them in David Jones the other week...Perth DJ's mind you so praps we've only just caught up :)


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