Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun stuff!

On Sunday I went to a garage sale in Paddington with a friend.
We wasn't exactly what we thoguht it was going to be and I suppose we could say we were a little disapointed really...
But! We did still come away with some bargains!

I bought this beautiful pink scarf

I think it will look great when my wardrobe deminishes down to nothing and I end up in black... It will be winter, so I suppose its not all bad and the scarf will help brighten things up a bit.
Grand total price for scarf - $2

I also picked up something for Lady Bug.

I know she wont be able to use it for some time, but it is in 'new' condition and its wodden, and for $1 I couldnt resist!

Last night I came home to a big package!!!
Some black dresses for me to try and borrow for a "Little Black Dress Hens" I have on Saturday, some peanut M&M's and a gift for Lady Bug! All from my sister or Aunty Emma!

My sister bought this little jumpsuit about a year ago I think? She was going to give it to a friend when she had her little girl about 6 months ago, but decided she loved it so much that she would keep it for me or for her, depending on who had a girl obviously.
She showed it to me a few months back, was completley excited about it, so I kinda knew it would be comming our way after the "It's going to be a GIRL!" announcement on Monday.
And how super cute are the little mary jane socks with frills!
You never can go wrong with Bonds!

My mum has already been out shopping I am told, and even called me about a cot the other day! Some fancy porta cot with all the fancy bits on it to keep at their house... Plus she wants to buy a pram to keep at thier house too... Less for us to worry about when we come to visit she said...
Woah Mum! I know your excited! So am I! But we dont need all this stuff straight away!
Lets just wait and see what we need!
The total opposite of the inlaws though... Which I suppose I always expected.
I dont even know if Erin has told them that we are having a girl yet or not?
I certinally havent heard from them? - But this doesn't surprise me or upset me in the slightest.

(Crap photos still... Still using the Blackberry... Need to locate camera)


  1. I got the same wooden toy for Lily! Certainly brightens the room until they are old enough to play with it!

  2. That's something my mum would do.

    Love your bargains! the colour of that scarf is gorgeous.


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