Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoona or later

On Tuesday I headed to Albury for work.
I flew down on Tuesday morning and had back to back appointments all afternoon.
Finished at around 7pm

My aunty and uncle live in a little town called Thoona about an hours drive from Albury so I decided to stay with them rather than spend a boring night in a hotel.
They have 3 daughters and we are all very close. 2 of them live in Melbourne, but the youngest Sarah still lives at home so it was great to see her too!

They are both the best cooks! So I was mighty excited for dinner too! We had quiche. sounds boring... But I love quiche and my aunties is the best! Home made pastry, eggs from their chooks... And even a salad made nearly all from their home vegie patch!

As a treat, I took a box of Macaroons from Adriano Zumbo's for them!
My uncle loves master chef and it was my aunties birthday on Wednesday.
My uncle was our MC at out wedding and has now nicknamed them Macaroons from Fatty Bumbo! (and it sounds even funnier when he says it with his English accent...

So they live in this little town called Thoona...

This is what is in the main street of Thoona:

The Pub - Google Images

And the General Store - Again google Images

That's it! Just a pub and a general store. Its a great little town. Really friendly people. I always enjoy going there for a visit. And whats better? At their house mobile phones don't always work properly!!! I love it!


  1. A general store and a pub is all I need if I have a Vege patch :)

  2. Ooh, I used to live in Albury Wodonga! Fun times. How many more days of travel until you are home again?

  3. Home now. Just up and back. Less than 24 hours this time. THANK GOD...


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