Thursday, March 3, 2011

Say hello to Phoenix

This is Phoenix! This is the first thing that I have bought for Bug!
I think he is super cute!
You can get him or one of his friends from
I bought him today in Berry NSW of all places! I was on my way home from a work trip, and I always stop in Berry at the lolly shop to buy my husband green frog lollies (I can't get them anywhere! But I can in Berry) and while I was walking along this little guy caught my eye! The lady in the shop was lovely! The shop was lovely! I could have bought more... The shop was called Bed Bugz, take a look if your ever down there.


  1. LOL For the Bug from Bed Bugz- ment to be :)

  2. Poor Bug is going to be called Bug by you forever! haha

    Phoenix is very cute & I love Berry & that whole area.

  3. Very cute. I'm sure he'll be well loved!


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