Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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So it was officially the first day of Autumn today. And a sticky hot humid day in Sydney.
I'm over this heat I tell you. Sorry... I will probably we complaining of the cold in a few months, but I really just am not coping with the heat at all.
I now have an official going on leave date as of today... 12th August will be my last day at work. They are going to be replacing me, because when I go back to work (if I go back) I wont be doing the same job. Too much travel and long hours.
24 (not even) weeks to go. It's actually kind of scary thinking about it. But exciting too.

Yesterday one of my dads cows gave birth to a breach calf.
Lucky they were able to pull it out (just before the vet got there) but then sadly today the mother died. Unfortunately on Friday last week a calf died from another heifer. They haven't been having much luck. So now they are trying to get the heifer to accept the orphan calf and have her rear it as her own. Fingers crossed this works (it can and does) and they wont have to fully bottle feed the orphaned calf.

It's scary to see how things can go wrong giving birth be it an animal or human.
I really to need to start thinking about that.

On a brighter note! We had someone arrange a pest and building inspection on our property today! Our agent (also a friend) thinks we will only have one more open this weekend and it's going to sell pretty quick. The interest has been outstanding.
And you know what? I trust her completely. She isn't allowed to lie! She is too good a friend to us!

Friday is going to be my first belly photo day! (Clothed and 'G' Rated) - 14 weeks!


  1. That's great news about the house!

    Can't wait for the bump photos. It's gross weather over here in WA as well, GO AWAY HEAT!

  2. Yaaay about a finish up work date! How long are you planning (at this stage) to take off?

    And good luck with the house! I am so glad it's autumn. Has always been my favourite time of year.

  3. You have a date to count down to, you must be so excited!

    That's a really good sign with the house, fingers crossed.

  4. oh no, double tragedy with Mama Cow and then baby cow! I think you become super-sensitive to stuff like that when you are pregnant. Sad.

    Good to have a last day of work locked in.. 12 Aug will be here before you know it!

    Fantastic to hear there has already been some interest in your house.


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