Friday, February 25, 2011


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Today I am 13 weeks! 27 to go!
I just read that bug is the size of a Peach! 
Which is quite fitting as I'm finally starting to feel quite peachy! 
(Or well, better, not sick... You get the idea)

Going to start taking 'bump' photos soon. 
We were going to start last Friday, but were really busy and kind of forgot. And because I don't really like odd numbers, I think we will start next week at week 14.
There isn't much to show just yet. And I haven't put on any weight yet, but its a start.
I kind of wish I had of taken a photo when we first found out, so I could compare and show that I used to actually have a waist and a fairly flattish stomach.

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  1. You'll be surprised at how quickly your bump will grow. I didn't see mine unil 19 weeks and then it got so big so quickly!

    Can't wait to see the bump pics!


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