Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling Chunky

14 weeks.  The second trimester!
We have made it so far!
First bump photo.
And I've lost the camera... (Taken by terrible photographer husband - on my Blackberry)
So you can just see that where my tummy used to be fairly flattish (well was when I sucked my stomach in!) that now it sticks out - like a little 'podge'

It's hard and not flabby fat, but I still just feel kind of fat really.

Another open home tomorrow. And a few houses we are going to take a second look at. (Fingers crossed)


  1. Sammie I can totally relate with how you feel. With my previous pregnancy, being between not having your normal tummy and not looking properly pregnant just made me wish my belly would ballon already so I could come out of that "i don't look pregnant yet, i just look weird" stage. :)

    Hope your house sells soon and that you find your new home soon too.

    I just realised we're almost neighbours at the moment as I live in Five Dock :)

  2. ^ And you work out west and so do I!
    (I work out at Norwest.

  3. Ahaha, your pregnant tummy is my normal tummy! I have always had a pot belly, even in pics of me as a kid it's there. Can I recommend full skirts, if not too uncomfortable?

  4. Yay for the first bump photo!

    Good luck with everything re: your house and finding your brand new home!

  5. Ahh what a cute little belly!!
    That stage between looking normal and looking pregnant is a bit of a pain.. but you will be popping out before you know it!

    Congrats on reaching the 2nd trimester.. enjoy it! Hopefully you are feeling more energetic and less sick and it all starts to feel really exciting..

    Hope the home open went well!

  6. What a cute bump. Looking forward to seeing the follow up photos.

    Again, good luck with the house selling / hunting.

  7. Looking good hon! Try to enjoy wearing your normal clothes now before they get stored away!


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