Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Horrible Hair

Firstly, I am not a fan of swearing. But I am not happy. So I'm gonna swear.
Fuck Shit Poo Bum Grr Angry Damn Crap Crap Crap

It's all Holly's fault. My ex hairdresser but still current friend. She decided to go get herself a full time job with GHD so its too bloody hard to get her to cut my hair anymore.... I'm not the only one, it's the same for all our friends.
Now don't get me wrong. We are all extremely happy for her. She has a brilliant job and is very very happy there...
I was in desperate need of a fringe trim, so I decided to try somewhere new today. I walked in... Sat down... I was there for maybe 8 minutes? I said I didn't wait it too short, I don't need to look like a school girl... She cut, Asked what I thought... It's a bit short I said... That's ok, it hasn't been dried or straightened she said to me... Then whipped the cape off and said I was done? Woah! What about drying, straightening, finishing up? I was just in shock and didn't say anything. I thought I had made myself clear when I said it was too short... Then she walked away? So up to the counter I went and was charged $15... I'm still unsure what for?
I have come home dried and straightened and now seem to have a fringe with two layers? Look at my profile picture? That's what it is SUPPOSED to look like. That's what it looked like (just a little long) before I went in...

Lucky for me I'm away for work in the country the next two days so no one I know will see me till the weekend... And the all important girls lunch is not till the 19th so hopefully I will be right by then.

Damn you Holly The Hair Dresser... I want you back!

Ok. Rant and whinge over.


  1. How frustrating! Hope it grows back quickly.

  2. Frustrating indeed. I'm sure it will grow out in no time.

  3. Hair grows faster when you are pregnant so it should be back to a good length in no time!!

    Annoying though.

    Good hairdressers are hard to find

  4. LOL... am I supposed to be laughing? I'm sorry, Sammie.

    But, hey, it's just hair and we're not 15. It will grow back and no-one's going to laugh at your new haircut. Hope you find a kinder hairdresser soon. x


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