Friday, March 11, 2011

Long and Lonely Road...

3 days
1468 km's
5 country towns
12 meetings

Yep. That's been me. But I'm finally home. Phew.
For work about once every 3 months I head to Wagga, Griffith, West Wyalong, Temora and Young all in country NSW. Half those towns most people have probably never even heard of!
It's long. It's tiring. It's lonely. It consists of hotels and room service... But hey... It's my job.

It rained for about half of the trip too.

Looks like the house is sold! Just got some pain in the bum purchasers. Their bank is taking a little longer than expected to finish off what they need to do so we are still having an open tomorrow, but then hopefully all sorted early next week! It better be... For the past 3-4 weeks we have only found one house within our price range that we like and it goes up for auction next Saturday the 19th at 1.30pm (Which also means it looks like I am going to miss girls lunch at Otto... Maybe I can make dessert?)

Please cross your fingers for me! And I hope everyone has a BRILLIANT weekend!!!


  1. I kinda love a solo road trip, but I am sure that doing it all the time would be very lonely indeed.

    Happy to hear you've sold the house! All house purchasers are pains in the bum, BTW! x

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Otto - but their desserts are amazing - worth rushing back for. It's not the purchasers, it's their bank. For sure. Good luck with the auction!

  3. That was nice and quick, congrats! Good luck at the auction.


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