Sunday, January 2, 2011

Image via - Havaianas a summer staple!
Happy 2011 everyone!
Yesterday was my first new years day without a thumping headache, hangover or wasted hours in bed!
We had a lovely NYE at our friends Rene and Philippa's (And baby Hania) there was about 15 or so of us.
Lots of laughs, fun and good times.
They live right down in Balmain East so a quick 10 meter walk from their house and your looking right at the Harbour Bridge!
I adore fireworks! And this year did not disappoint!

Yesterday we got up at a reasonable hour, but then lazed around watching a little TV and having some breaky.
I started to feel these not so nice twinges down low and was getting all worried. So I decided to head to the local book store (which was open) and purchased What to Expect - When your expecting (I've graduated from Before your expecting!) When we got home a friend called up to head over to their house... I decided to stay at home and rest.
Then later in the afternoon we headed over to Sam and Chris's to meet baby Arkie! (Born 1.43pm on the 23rd of December) She is a tiny little thing! Just like her dad! - Why is it that kids always seem to look like their dads when they are born?
Then it was home for a quiet night and me pestering Erin to pack! - He is off to the US today for work (and pleasure)
Off to the doctors again tomorrow - a long story - Will explain then.


  1. Good luck at the doctors Sammie x

    Apparently, babies look more like their father when they're born because in the old days it was a way to ensure that the father didn't reject their offspring! Not sure if that's true, but I'm sure I read it somewhere ...

  2. Donna beat me to the explanation :)

    I can't wait to graduate to the next book.

    Wishing you all the best at the doctors and for 2011.

  3. Hey Love glad you had such a nice NYE- it sounded just lovely. I love fireworks too.

    Do your friends know that you are up the duff?

    Hope the What to Expecting book has put your mind at ease...
    I had lots of funny twinges and strange pangs in the first trimester... apparently it is the uterus just growing and stretching and doing it's thing.

    I'm sure the doctor will be able to give you more reassurance, good luck for your appt tomorrow.

    Sucks that Erin is off the US today.. how long will he be gone for?


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