Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi there! (5.4 is how many weeks and days I am pregnant - as per the Doc today)
So it was actually today (Tuesday) that I had the second doctors appointment...
Dr Sarah Weaver. Bloody brilliant! Made me feel so at ease, answered all my questions and took all the time I needed.
She has gone through EVERYTHING. I'm totally excited and a little overwhelmed actually. But its all good.
She wants to re do all my blood tests, urine tests and make sure for herself I'm A O'K
I told her of my concern of miscarriage (I have had a close friend and an aunt miscarry at 6 weeks in the past month. We had a good chat about that. Obviously it is still possible. She reckons given my age, weight, health etc... It is still likely a 1 in 5 chance. I don't mind those odds. Don't love  them. But they are ok.
Her own daughter is preggers at the moment and is going through RPA as a public patient. She said that they are excellent and unless we feel like forking out 10-15 grand for an Obstetrician we really shouldn't bother.
So I think that's the way we will go. For now at least. I suppose we can always explore other options later on.
So the Mister headed off to LA on Sunday for work and a bit of pleasure thrown in for good measure. He is back Monday.
For the past 2 nights I have been staying with my close friend Philippa and her daughter Hania. Rene her husband and mine are best mates, work together and are off on this trip together.
Philippa is one in a million. She has been looking after me like only your mother does! Bless her.
Tonight I will stay at home on my own, then tomorrow I'm up early and off to my parents holiday house in Barwon Heads VIC. Going to have a bit of R & R for a few days.
Then its back to work Monday... that I am not looking forward to.

Oh! And the new EDD is 2nd Sept 2011!

This is Hania giving me "bugs" first gift... She picked it herself I have been told!


  1. OMG Wow that is such great news! fingers crossed for you XX Samie

  2. oooh, 2 Sept is my brother and sister's birthday!!

  3. This doctor sounds great! I think she's just giving you the absolute worst case scenario - just like the doctor who told me I may drop dead on the netball court when I had the flu....nice!
    As for the private vs public thing, I'm with you - I've kind of decided to go public when my time comes. I think you'll be treated well at RPA.
    How exciting you now have a proper due date!

  4. Im a bit of a lurker... Hi!

    Have you seen RPA? My sister is a nurse and she said they are REALLY nice there!

    Congratulations too :) Hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  5. Congrats, fab news!

    Take it easy x

  6. Congratulations, I'm sure it will all be fine.

  7. YIPPEE! It's great now you know the due date and feel so comfortable with the dr.

  8. Being pregnant can be a bit terrifying- so much is out of our hands.. for much of it all you can really do is sit back and hope and pray for the best.

    Wonderful that you have a kind and patient doctor you can trust.. she sounds very thorough so you are in great hands.

    Fingers crossed for a 'bug' that sticks.
    I'm feeling optimistic about your pregnancy.

    A Virgo Baby would be just beautiful

  9. Just wanted to let you all know that your comments mean so much to me.
    Thanks everyone for your kind words and support.
    I haven't seen RPA mothers and babies section, but have seen other bits and areas. It only seems to get good recs - a few friends have had babies there the past few years.

  10. OK, so catching up on some blogging (after a very lazy Christmas on the bloggin front) and I see you're pregnant! OMG!!! I'm so so happy for you guys. Best news ever. You're going to make an awesome mama. I can't wait to follow your adventure. Lots of love across the world to you lovely xxxxxxx


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