Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Well I'm sure you all knew this post would come up eventually?
Why is it that one of the very few questions you get asked when you break the news to someone that you  are up t he duff is... "So do you think you will have a boy or a girl?"

Many many months ago when I was reading Sass and Spice's blog I came across the Chinese Gender Predictor Calender...

It was this one:

So going by this... Age? Well... Was I still 30? or was I 31? When did we conceive? Probably around the 8th-10th? So I was still 30 (Just)
Month of Conception? December.
= Boy (Even if I was 30 or 31)

Then I found this calender doing a google search:

Going by this calender and asking all the same questions... If I was 30 (technically I was) then Boy. But I was so close to my 31st birthday.... So Girl... (different to the other calender)

Time will tell... We will see... At this stage I do want to find out the sex. I might change my mind... But I really really don't think I will... I can't wait that long!


  1. Oh my god! Congratulations !!!!! That is so so excitig! Did u get your kk present? Xx

  2. I think people always ask about boy or girl because its a polite way of showing an interest.. they probably don't want to hear about the conception or the list of physical complaints.. and there isnt much else to talk about in the early stages!

    According to both those charts I am having a girl, which would be nice. I have always imagined myself with daughters.

    I can totally understand the temptation to find out the sex ASAP. There have been lots of times I wish we knew.. mainly for chosing a name!

    It's going to be exciting regardless of which stage in the game you find out!

  3. You have until the 19 week scan to find out if you want. I understand why people don''s fun to wait sometimes. I was too impatient to wait!


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