Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr Dr give me the news...

I had my Doctors appointment today.
All went well.
Quite uneventful really.
All my tests came back excellent and right where we want them to be.
I have a referral in my hot little hands for a dating scan! Even though we know the dates, because I want to have the early scan they call it a dating scan.
As of tomorrow morning at 8am my work basically owns me till about 10pm on Friday night.
We have our annual global conference, and it's 3 days of full on conferencing, activities and dinners (and drinking... Not for me though!)
It is going to be great! But oh so tiring. Lucky for me I get to stay at home, because we are having the conference in Sydney which is nice.
The morning sickness is getting worse. Not unbearable, but not great. Doctor gave me a list of things I can take to help and also a prescription for Maxilon which is great for nausea! Although I will only take it if I desperately need it. I don't even like taking panadol for a headache!
I cant wait till next week when I can get my scan!!! Wish I could have gone this week, but just too busy. Boo.


  1. Oooh, how exciting!! It will make it so real to see your baby on the scan. Good luck!

    Enjoy your conference. My dear husband organises these kind of things for a living. They call themselves PCOs (Professional Conference Organisers - what a wank. haha) and he claims it's all hard work and very boring, but it's why he always gets to galivant off to places to like South Africa, Thailand, Margaret River etc. In your current situation though, I don't blame you for being pleased it is in Sydney!

  2. Good old maxilon. I've had that before when I was really ill.

    Very awesome about the dating scan that's going to be so exciting.

    Good to hear all is going well as well!

  3. I hope your morning sickness doesnt get too much worse.. I found that took a lot of the fun out of the first 4 months.. but exciting that you get an early scan next week...!! seeing bubba on the screen is awesome.

    Enjoy your conference, sounds like fun, even without the drinking!

  4. Ooo I love the first scan! You be amazed to see your baby for the first time! I was a sobbing mess because I was so happy!



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