Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sydney V Melbourne

I moved to Sydney from Melbourne about 7 years ago.
My heart really does belong to Melbourne, but I have so much in Sydney.

While I was away last week with my family I found this really cool cushion in a shop!

This is what it looked like on one side:

And this it what it looked like on the other:

I was going to get it there and then! I loved it! But thought better of it. Deciding to wait till we do the house.
They are from a place called Make me Iconic -
I really don't think they are very expensive and they also have many other great things!

This is something else I would LOVE! But $20 for a mug? Hmm, I think not.

Love this stuff and WILL be getting the cushion some day!

(Sorry for the poor quality of images - Check out the website though!)


  1. Born and raised in sydney, but now a true Melbournian and wouldn't want to live any where else :)

    but there are good things and bad things about both.

  2. Hi Sammie
    I have given you a Life is good award! Just check my blog for waht you need to do!

  3. I forgot to ask you - would you pretty please become a follower of my blog? Only if you wanna!!

  4. Well that coushin sounds like it is just perfect for you - it couldn't be any more accurate! You must have a lot of will power to leave it behind :)


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