Saturday, January 29, 2011

Belly Belt

Right. So, I'm only 9 weeks pregnant and already my work pants are feeling quite tight around the waist.
I can't suck my stomach in any more and just have this little 'podge' sticking out.
I think the reality behind my pants being tight is because I have not been doing any exercise at all. Not a thing. I have felt way way too sick to do anything. And it doesn't help that I seem to be hungry ALL THE TIME, and have been eating way more than normal.

I tend to wear pants for work more than dresses or skirts.
I went looking for some the other day that would hopefully be able to see me through for many months. Nothing. Not a thing. They were all horrible, cheap and nasty looking.

What do I do??? I just purchased a Belly Belt! 

Fingers crossed.


  1. I didn't buy a belly belt...the thing I loathe about maternity clobber is that one minute you're wearing silk, lined beautiful frocks with built in side pcckets, and then suddenly you are expected to embrace what can only be described as expensive unlined t-shirt fabric frocks in horrible styles. Talk about disappointing.

    Depending on your budget I'd look at By Malene Birger stuff on the (Princess Mary and I are fans) and also look in the Fuller Figure section of chain stores (cheaper than maternity specific outfits).

  2. I bought these too but hardly wore them as I preferred wearing dresses and skirts during my pregnancy (more comfortable imho), even though before I was probably more a 'trouser' girl at work.

    Quite keen to see some bump pics soon!

  3. I do have a By Marlene Birger dress, which will be great to wear out for evenings, not really a day time dress :-(
    I will however check out her other things and maybe look into a good investment piece.
    Sassansspice, I think I too will end up in dresses and tights/leggings most of the time, but I do for now just want the option to wear my pants.
    At $25 for the belly belt, its not too much $$$ even if I dont use them much.
    And I can always pass them onto someone else!

  4. I wore these really just for work pants (mind you, my work pants are King Gee)
    THey are ok as long as you are wearing a long t-shirt as you are still basically walking around with your fly undone.

  5. I am not doing the baby thing, but could use one of those for when I eat too much at lunch! What an excellent idea.


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