Friday, January 28, 2011

Renovation Update

So with all the falling pregnant, new year and getting back to work stuff we really haven't done anything much about the renovations.
Today we met with the builder/architect to go over all the quotes and get more information in areas that we needed.
It is all much clearer now.
It should take 5 months.
Means we do really need to start pretty soon if we are going to be back in time for bugs arrival.

Monday is going to be talk to the bank day about getting the $$$ for the build.
But this weekend we are going to shop around and start getting the quotes for all the bathroom stuff and kitchen stuff (stove, range hood etc...)

Looks like we are actually going somewhere now!
Now to actually start knocking down walls.......

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  1. Exciting! Looks like you've got a crazy (but awesome) year ahead.


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