Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday Shopping Day

Today we went over the the Domayne in Alexandria to look at their bathroom and kitchens areas. 
Because I can get staff pricing from them (work) we have said to our builder that we will arrange all the bathroom stuff and all the kitchen stuff (oven, range hood etc...)
What we wanted to do today was get a quote so that I could go back in there during the week and get the franchisee to firm up the price for me and give me the 'special' discount.

They were so so busy. Apparently they are having a sale. You would think I would know this... Um, no. I switch off every time something to do with Harvey Norman or Domayne comes on the TV, radio or any catalogues that come in the post.
So, all we ended up doing was having a look around, getting more ideas. Working out what we think we want and I will go in and get it sorted during the week.

On our way home I said to my husband. Do you want to go take a quick look in Baby Kingdom? I can show you  the pram that I would like to get? 
Sure! He said. And I was surprised! 

Mountain Buggy Swift -

So off we went. And didn't we look like a comic act, playing around trying to work out how this pram worked! There was a couple next to us doing the same thing. They were experts! I'm sure they must have thought we were such losers! Oh well. We have a lot to learn.

We also had a bit of a look around the store at the furniture to start to get an idea on price and what was available. 

My head is still spinning.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. How awesome are Husbands :)

    Sounds like an awesome Sunday I love home stuff and baby stuff is just the icing on top of the cake!

  2. Although we are yet to use it as bub hasn't come yet, we have purchased the "city mini jogger". We were all set to get the stokke one but so many of our friends had ditched their "designer" prams/ stroller in favour of this one, we checked it out.
    It is awesome, closes with one hand and pretty light (good price too!)...we liked it because it looks so easy to use rather than have to break it up in pieces or remove wheels etc every time you want to put it in the car etc. Make sure you check it out.

  3. The Mountain Buggy is awesome, good choice. We use ours for hours, every day. It has great suspension so good for walks/jogs, solid wheels so you can get off the beaten track. The swift is good too as it is smaller than the urban so fits in all sorts of spots like supermarkets, shops and cafes.

  4. Thanks guys,
    We just love the Mountain Buggy and I do heaps and heaps of walking and know I will with bug too.
    I like the Swift because it is smaller.
    Friends that have the Urban say they now wish they had of got the Swift.
    I suppose at the end of the day its what works best for you.
    For example, I'm not a fan of the Bugaboo, but I know people that swear by it and wouldnt have anything else!

  5. Sorry I can't contribute much to the pram discussion but how exciting that you are getting to the stage of picking items out for the renovation! Do you two generally agree on things when you're shopping for house stuff? There's always a lot of compromise going on when we're house shopping!

  6. Ooo now you get stock up on Ubabub stuff!

    It looks like you have done a lot of research on your pram which is great so you can get one which is tailored to your own specific needs. I have friends who have the Mountain Buggy and are very happy.

    I'm one of those people who now swear by my Bugaboo even though initially I was hesitant. I like the fact that it's light enough to get in and out of the car and right now I love how I can get the stroller to face me as my baby adjusts to 'life after the bassinet'.

    Good luck with the rest of the hunting!


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