Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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You can not wipe the smile off my face today!
But you could wipe away tears of joy from my husbands eyes.
I had my doctors appointment today at 9.15am.
Our doctor has been through all the diabetes issues with my husband and he knows our story.
He was very delighted to hear that I have OCD and took 9 HPTs and they were all positive!
No need to do a blood test. That's confirmation enough he says!
Now what? I asked! Not much really... I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Due date the 4th of September.
I need to book in with hospital... If that is the way I am going to go?
I seriously have no idea! I thought I would know it all! Know what to do! I don't! Help!!!


  1. Congratulations, I'm really pleased that your much wanted baby is on their way

  2. Oh congratulations Sammie! I'm so very pleased for you xx

  3. That is excellent news! What a wonderful way to end 2010!

    If you have private health and want to go to a private hospital then you should organise as Obstetrcian ASAP as they book out so fast!!

    I thought I was being super-organised by doing it at 8 weeks but ended up having to call about 20 OBs before finding one who wasn't booked out for my due date. Crazy.

    Certain obstetricians usually operate out of certain hospitals... so if you have a preference for a particular hospital then you need to chose one who works from there. Or maybe you have an OB in mind and want to see them regardless of what hospital they use.
    Maybe ask your GP for a list, or your friends who have had babies for their recs... then I would start making phone calls straight away to get in!!

    Even if you unsure and think you may want to go public (which is what I decided in the end) I'd book in and you can always cancel later..

    Other than that just sit back, relax and enjoy this special time. COngratulations!


  4. Hi Sammie

    congrats!! surprised the Dr did not give you a blood test to check your hcg levels. My test is tomorrow. My due date is also the 4th Sept!!! Did you get a referral to a obgyn?
    take care

  5. HURRAH!!!

    That's great news :)

  6. Congrats again!!

    If you want to go private, North Shore Private is prob closest to you.

    If not, RPA apparently has quite nice facilities and a birth centre too, if you prefer the idea of a widwife/water birth type thing.

  7. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you :)

    My first piece of advice is get "What to expect when you're expecting" we read our copy so much that it fell apart and we had to buy another copy for pregnancy number 3 (our twins). If you have any questions you want to ask someone who has been there, done that just let me know :)

    congrats again.

    Mrs. McAwesome

  8. OMG CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! And yes, what a great way to end 2010!!!

    I second DD's comments. I was 7 weeks pregnant and OBS were all booked out but was lucky to go with a OBS who just was coming over from public to private. Better to get booked in and you can cancel later if you do want to go to public.

    Do some research into the type of birthing you want during your first first trimester. I know it's early but I didn't do much reading until I was 27 weeks pregnant and felt it was to late to move to a birthing centre (as I was after a natural birth).

    Anyway, I'm sooo happy for you!

  9. Congratulations!!! You must be thrilled. I'm sure you will work everything out. What an exciting New Year you have ahead. Can't wait to hear everything xo

  10. Sammie! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

    My mum's a midwife and she gave me lots of questions to ask when I'm pregnant: Can your doc do shared care (you get to go to your local doc and do antenatal there with them or a midwife)? Will you actually be seen as a private patient? Will you need to go to the public hospital if there are any complications with you or bubs? Does your hospital do natural birth/water birth/midwife etc? Can you have a dating scan early (that way you get a better EDD and you get to see bubs early)?

    Also, go have a look at a couple of hospitals before booking in as you may be surprised (I'd go RPA if I was still in Syd - that's where Mum used to work and it used to be a beautiful birthing centre, but that's just my personal opinion related to my experience at RPA. I've never been to Royal North Shore).

    What an amazing Christmas present!

  11. Hey Sammie
    Just got my results and its a positive so we are both due at the same time. Are you going to check back with the GP about blood work as you get one blood test straight away to tell you your hcg level then a repeat one a few days later to make sure they are rising. This is not an ivf thing as all my friends have done this too. The 9 & 11 on the HPT stands for 9 days post transfer then 11 days post transfer so I was good and only did 2 hpt.

    talk soon


  12. Congratulations, wonderful news and a fab start to 2011. My advice: organise your Ob and hospital asap, if that's the route you're taking. You can always change your mind. Most importantly- enjoy it. There is truly nothing like it xxx

  13. Congratulations on such fantastic news Sammie!

  14. What fantastic news to come back to. Congratulations!!!!

  15. Hi Sammie,

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news :)


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