Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I have an amazingly wonderful day!!! I hope you all did too!!!

Firstly, here are some pictures of different things at my mum and dads house.... And this isn't even half of it!!! We even have Christmas toilet paper!!!

(apologies for my poser brother Matt... And the crap layout of the photos... I'm not using my computer)

Our Christmas eve started very very early. We were on a 6am flight to Melbourne to spend the Christmas with my family.
We had a lovely day. My husband was put to work carting hay and helping dad around the farm. And I went shopping with my sister!
Then in the evening my patents always always have a bit of a party for Christmas. It is always so nice to see everyone and have a good catch up and a laugh. Fun!
Christmas morning was just lovely. We all eventually get up. The youngest, my brother Jack is always the last up (And always had been - even when he was little)
We all gathered around the Christmas tree to open presents - See the pic above.... Santa still had not been! (I forgot to take another photo)
Then once all the presents were opened my husband made a little announcement - That there would be another family member joining us next year.... It is very early days and we haven't been to the doctors yet, but after 9 (yes you read right) HPT we are expecting a baby! - Do you believe me? I don't quite believe it myself!
At 10.45am I then drove my husband (the father to be!) the airport as he was heading back to Sydney to spend Christmas with his family.
At about 12.30 all of my mums family started to arrive and my sisters husbands mum.
We had a beautiful lunch and my uncle and wife announced that they are expecting a baby! - Due end of June.
My mum decided to secretly open a 2000 bottle of Moet and I had 1/2 a glass (mum and sister shared the rest)
We finished the night off just my family with a crazy funny sit and laugh around the table. My dad saying that I wasn't allowed to give this child any 'crap' name and that I should consult him later down the track and he will advise me if the name was allowed! - all very funny and in jest.
We have had a lovely day today lounging around watching those Aussies play some very crap cricket
We now have some guests over, but I just wanted to pop in and post.

I am heading back to Sydney tomorrow afternoon and will be making a doctors appointment to get a blood test and a confirmation and I suppose we take it from there. I still don't quite believe it and when I was down the street before buying some mineral water for myself I was going to buy some more HPT's!

Only my family know and for now it is one big big secret. Well you guys all know now... How could I not tell you! All your support and kind words over the past months have been so great and helpful. But Shh Don't tell anyone!

I do hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas! I have checked out a few blogs and so far it seems to be the case!

I will be back in a few days with the doctors verdict!


  1. Oh yaaaaay!!! Best Christmas present of all. I'm so happy for you, and hope it all goes well from here on in. Yay for you both!

  2. Big huge CONGRATULATIONS to you both.
    That's fantastic news!

  3. Congratulations and a HUGE lot of best wishes from me to you. ((((hugs)))

  4. Sammie that is great and if all goes well for us both we will be having them a week apart as I am 4 weeks!! Fingers crossed we both get great results with our blood tests!! When is yours? Mine is on Thursday!

  5. Waahhoooo!! What a beautiful secret to share with us on Christmas!!
    So happy for you both.. can't wait to hear back after your doctors appointment!!
    Well done you two :)

    PS OMG how bad is the cricket.

  6. Hey Sammie
    When will you get your results?? Mine is Thurs morning and the clinic always ring me that afternoon. I can not belive if this all works out will be pregnant and at the exact same stage at the same time seeing we are only a week apart - that would be so cool!!!
    I got more HPTS yesterday and plan to do some more before my blood test.
    Take care

  7. Thanks everyone! We are super excited!
    Doctors appointment booked for 9.15am tomorrow (Wednesday 29th) I'm not sure when I will get the results back? Our GP will know how super keen I am because he has been putting up with me for months! And knows how important this is because he has also been dealing with my husband and some of his heath issues.
    I am also really nervous. It's only 4-5 weeks at the moment and what if it doesnt work out? I know of so many people where things have gone wrong at around 6-8 weeks. But it's positive thoughts all the way.
    I couldn't not share the news with you all... And seeing as you are strangers (kind of) and have been on this journey with me I thought it was important to tell you. The good times and the bad - thats what its all about.

    Still can't help wanting to buy more HPTs.... I'm going to send myself broke before this baby even gets here!!!


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