Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Trippers

Today after going to the fertility clinic (Got to go back for second blood test on Tuesday - we are close they tell me... Ovulation is eminent) we decided to go for a bit of a drive up the Blue Mountains way.
We headed up to Katoomba to see the three sisters. I have never been there before.

It was nice. But not really much to do. So we walked about a bit and checked out the view. That view is lovely. We did take a few photos of us up there too, but none of them are publish on this blog worthy. Sorry.

Then we went into Leura and too a look around the shops. I wanted to buy this hand painted wrapping paper it was so beautiful. But the lady in front of us bought the last 10 sheets. Damn.

I have been wanting a wreath for our front door for some time now. Because we used to live in an apartment, I never really saw the point. But now in our little house I thought why not!
So, walking about Leura, we found a few that we just loved! And for $57 I thought that wasn't bad! (well that was till I saw Maxabella's on her blog today. $10 bucks!)

Anyway we came home and noticed that two more of our neighbours had put wreaths up! (Three were already up before today) so we put ours straight on the front door! Very exciting! No tree for us. We aren't home for Christmas so I don't see the point.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. It's nearly over. Again. Why oh why do the weekends have to go so quick?


  1. I do love a door wreath and would love it if everyone had one on their front door. Yours is really gorgeous (as is the front door!). Don't worry, it's definitely 5x chic-er than the homemadey job over at my place!!! x

  2. Your door looks awesome. The blue and red go so well together.

    It's got me thinking maybe I should at least do a wreath. I'm feeling a bit unfestive this year, but having one decoration might snap me out of it!

    I'd love to visit the Blue Mountains one day

  3. Love your wreath, love it! I have been looking for a nice one in Melbourne and haven't found one, so no wreath this year :(

    Rach (Mrs Junkie)

  4. I can't believe you are commenting on our door!
    We hate it! Well I dont mind the door, Just needs a new handle thingy and number.
    As for the colour.... Can't stand it! Thats going to be something that will change. Maybe even red!!!

    It was so hard to pick a wreath. I have been looking everywhere.
    I should take pictures of the other ones in the street... Don't want to look like a stalker though.


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