Monday, December 6, 2010

We have progress

See this! This is the approval document for our renovations!
But.... A very big BUT. This document is so big (21 pages) because its all the stuff we need to do to get our construction certificate. And that means spending more money.
Some of the conditions are crazy! We need reports on sewerage, dilapidation reports (don't even know what that is!) and there are many more.
What about this! We need to submit landscape architect plans for the backyard. Our backyard is 4 x 10 meters! We must have at least 85% native plants/trees to Sydney. We have to have at least one tree that at mature age will be at a height of at least 4 metres. A landscape maintenance strategy needs to be submitted for the first 12 months establishment period.
And the list goes on. And on.
We have to pay the council a $1713 deposit in case we damage the road or footpaths and they also charge us $200 to come and assess before the work starts and then again after the work is finished!
The asbestos report was another cost and the list goes on...

Another But! And this is a good one!!! We should have the Construction Certificate by Christmas! And that means we will be able to get everything sorted and ready to go to start as soon as we are ready in the new year!!! Yippie!
That does mean getting the bank to lead us the money first. We have been told this wont be a problem. So fingers crossed.


  1. Ouch! I don't know how anyone manages the stress of a reno. The leaking money would be enough to send me under. x

  2. Jeez.. lots of conditions.. but at least you are seeing some progress...
    It will be great to have that construction certificate in your hot little hands by Chrissy!

  3. Wow, how painful. Having it over with and getting the certificate will make a good christmas present though!


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