Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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I am so bored. Still at work. Waiting for next Thursday to come around so I can be on holidays!
We really can't do much at work at the moment. All the Stores (Harvey Norman) are too busy for any training or even catch up visits.
That means that we sit around the office all day pretty much doing nothing. 
I do have a few things to look forward to this week though! Tonight I am having dinner with a girlfriend from school!
Thursday - nothing.
Friday - I'm having the day off! (Come back on Friday to find out why?) 
Then it's the weekend! Yippie!
Monday - 1/2 work day then the boys all go off and play golf so I get the day off! a $100 shopping voucher and the opportunity to go shopping! (The trade off, because I don't play golf)
Tuesday - we are having our sales V operations KK lunch. So no work again.
Wednesday - Dinner with friends (boring at work again - but I don't imagine there will be any work!)
Thursday - Packing and having an early night because we are on a 6am flight Friday morning to Melbourne. Working - but will be the biggest waste of a day yet! I imagine a few drinks at the golf club with the boys from work.

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