Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to...


*** Photo taken from my baby photo album *** 


  1. 8lbs!! Wowzers. I was 5. hehe

    Happy happy birthday darl! Hope you get everything you wish for today. ;-)

  2. Happy birthday lovely! Hope your husband spoils you rotten - and that you get a very good birthday present in terms of a big fat positive test result :)

  3. Hey Birthday Girl- Best Wishes for today.. and the year that follows.. Hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones

  4. You were a good sized baby! I was 6lb so had no idea how I gave birth to an 8lb baby!

    Anyway, hope you have a fantastic birthday!!! x

  5. Happy B'day!!!
    You're a Sagitarius too :p
    I celebrated my birthday a few days ago.

    Hope you enjoy your day.
    Maria @

  6. I hope your head size wasn't 4 cm...!?

    Happy birthday to you, Sammie!!!! x

  7. Happy birthday Sammie! I hope you have a lovely day and all the best for the year to come Dxx

  8. Thank you everyone for you birthday wishes! They have come from everywhere today! Blog world! Text, email, facebook, in person and the good old fashioned way! On the phone.
    I have had a lovely day so far! And as the husband has his work do tonight (I am making him go for good reasons) I am about to go and party hard with one of my best friends and her 8 month old daughter! (Getting old?)
    I shall blog all about my day tomorrow)
    Happy weekend everyone!
    (Maxabella - no idea what the head size thingy means? I shall ask my mum!)

  9. Happy birthday fellow Sagittarian! Hope you had an amazing day and a great weekend!

    xx Kit


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