Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Rum Balls.

On Sunday we went to our lovely friends place for lunch to celebrate Karin turning 50!
we knew it was her birthday... But we didn't know she was 50 till we got there!
We had such a lovely day! Lounging in the sun, eating, drinking and eating some more!
I took a little dessert - Rum Balls! But maybe not how you know them...
You see, I don't like sultanas and most people put sultanas in their rum balls. I don't.
I also don't put any booze in them. Just prefer them that way.

So it goes like this:
1 packet of Marie biscuits crushed (I just use my rolling pin in the bowl because I don't have a food processor)
1 can of condensed milk (I use the light one. There isn't any difference in taste)
1 cup of coconut
1 table spoon of cocoa (But I put in 2!)
Mix all together. Roll into balls and then roll in some extra coconut.
Now... How easy is that!

And they are always always a hit with everyone! I love them!

PS: I have some news on our house! Will let you know in the next post!


  1. wow sultanas? ive never had them with sultanas in them! they look very yummy!

  2. Anyone else I know that makes them puts in sultanas?!?!?! I just don't get it? I can't stand them!

  3. Love your recipe - this is how I make them too :)
    I think the rum and sultanas spoil them!

  4. Thanks for posting the recipe, I hate the strong boozey ones!

    I might make these for Xmas :)


  5. I lurve rum balls. I might try your recipe. Dont think I ever had them with sultanas in them.. yours sound like the go!


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